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Ernest Dempsey — The arrest of two animal rights activists by police in Gainesville, Florida, appears to have a disturbingly suspicious connection with the abuse of animals in educational institutions. Even the role of the law enforcement authorities is coming into question here.

The two activists, named Camille Marino and Lisa Grossman, were arrested on Saturday, 4th February, at the time of a peaceful protest just beginning at the University of Florida and targeting a major alumni event. The activists were arrested for different reasons—Grossman for allegedly carrying an expired driver’s license, even though she was not driving, and Marino on an old, misdemeanor count from Michigan.

However, Stop Animal Exploitation NOW! (SAEN), national research watchdog group, believes the arrests are a well thought out move to suppress the activists’ voice in order to cover up federal lawbreakers at the University of Florida. Michael A. Budkie, Executive Director SAEN, thinks the arrests are particularly meant to stop Camille Marino from pursuing her investigation into abuse of primates in the labs at the University of Florida.

Camille Marino has so far provided us with the records of several primates from within UF labs. At least one of them discloses potentially serious violations of the federal Animal Welfare Act,” said Michael Budkie.

Not only is the reported abuse of primates at the University of Florida regrettable, but the planned arrest of the activists right at the time of an important protest points to the coordinated link between educational institutions and law enforcement such that alleged abusers manage to use law for their protection and those raising a voice against animal abuse are intercepted with legal barricades. But will that be it?

Not really! It turns out that SAEN means to file an official complaint against the University of Florida in the next several days because of the available information of animal abuse at the university. A Facebook page has been created in support of Camille Marino and though she may not be available for some time to pursue her investigation of animal abuse at the University of Florida but now they have SAEN to deal with.


  • Larisa Scharikin says:

    It is important that we realize just who runs this country. Agriculture and Pharmaceuticals run this country.This is a politically motivated arrest to shut up an honestly brave woman who wants transparency for what happens here. For this she has been arrested.She did everything legally and played by “their” rules. These rules change everyday..and we go by them as we know them. We need to stand behind Camille. This is going to be a domino effect..we need to stand strong and stand together and keep speaking the truth. Demand transparency and for We the people to have our rights given back to us.

  • Betsy Grabr says:

    “The laws that exist in most so-called civilized countries still permit, at best by omission, any and every kind of cruelty to animals, if done under the pretext of medical research, or “science”.”

    Doctors Against Vivisection
    ISBN 3905280067

  • Sue Baugardt says:

    Larisa, you’ve said it all. All I can offer from my side of “the pond” is moral support. We are all experiencing a crack down on our attempts to open people’s eyes to the exploitation of animals. Perhaps it’s a sign that our words and ideas are getting through and the big businesses and their servants, the authorities fear us. Truth will always win but the journey can be rough and frustrating.

  • Mario G says:

    If you can donate to Camille’s legal defense fund then please do so at this link…DO NOT DONATE ON HER NIO PAGE AS THE FED’S HAVE JUST SEIZED HER ACCOUNTS THERE… ***URGENT!!!*** Official donation info for Camille Marino’s legal defense fund: FOLKS! We need serious funds for what may be a costly and protracted defense! Please start sending donations via PayPal -> click “Send Money” -> enter this email address: . We currently have $2400.+ in the acct., and need much more! ALL funds go to Camille’s defense. Looking at all available funding options: fundraisers, film screenings, raffles, potlucks, etc.!! Thank you for your support! PLEASE POST AND CROSS-POST!
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  • jt waldie says:

    I firmly believe these labs are scared of what will come out of this. This is just the impetus needed to close these labs who torture innocent beings!

  • Betsy Grabr says:

    Meanwhile, 100 monkeys were JUST delivered to Primate Products Inc., a hideous business located in Doral, Florida. They have caused countless monkeys to be killed and captured in the wild, caged and bred to end up in cruel laboratories for painful experiments that, by their own admission, have not contributed to a single medical advancement. All this at taxpayer expense. The awful smell emanating from their facility and graphic photos of gaping head wounds have gained the attention of their neighbors and caring people around the world.
    When and how will this end?

  • karen lyons kalmenson says:

    what happened to freedom
    those rights we
    sure need them
    to stand up for those
    who cannot speak
    against the tyranny
    of the morally weak

  • Linda says:


  • Luke Thomas says:

    Camille gave the vivisectionists the keys to get herself arrested by willfully violating a Court order, and even taunting it. The Judge signed a restraining order; I believe most LIKELY the reason why such a Judgement was made was due to threats. As with all restraining Orders, once threats are made, there is no longer free speech. So please give credit where credit is due–Camille herself. And she has empowered the vivisectionists because they are now gloating about it.

  • As we all know we are currently in the end times and the Devil has full control. We as animal lovers need to get down on our knees and pray like we have never prayed before. It is not going to get better only worse. We nee God on our side! God says where two or three gather together in his name it will be done. Come on people lift up your voice and cry out!!!!!Without God we are nothing. AMEN…..

  • jd johns says:

    I just came accross this thread today while researching animal activists recent protests. As someone mentioned the Devil…I will play the devil’s advocate. I wonder how many of you take OTC pain relivers, cold/flu medicine? What about placing a band-aid on a child’s scraped knee? Or like myself, have a brother, who without the heart valve from a pig, would not be alive today? Every benefit you receive from a doctor visit, medication to treat your illness, surgery you must undergo, or blood work you receive has all came from animal research. I completely agree that there should be STRICT and CLOSELY MONITORED procedures in place to ensure there are no animals being unneccesarily mistreated. However, I fully understand that, although most are unaware and even myself to what extent, benefit from animal research. Doctors who perform life saving surgeries have first performed these techniques on, for the most part, purpose bred research animals (animals bred for research and raised their entire life, humanely cared for, and whose purpose in life is to save the lives of millions of poeple). And for my point of view, as much as I love animals (I have the best cat in the world!!!! and visit nature as often as possible)would rather a doctor have had sufficient technical training on say, a pig, before he raises a finger to touch my brother’s heart, or my grandfather’s lungs, or my grandmothers back. Think about a little rat the next time you take a tylenol or advil and decide, did this rat give his life for a just cause or can I live without pain relievers for the rest of my life.

  • Brenna Thomas-Cortez says:

    yeah…well, what about those beagles in south california that were just let go by a medical research lab and had been there since babies and most were 7-8 yrs old(which is a normal lifespan for beagles) and some couldn’t even walk from having no muscle tone, bad teeth and the list of ailments in all of these beagles that are not indicative of what you want to believe would happen and agreeing the animals should be closely monitored, etc. that’s not happening. they even said that beagles are chosen often becuz of their timid and submissive nature. i have no prob w/alternative natural remedies for pains, etc. WE do not have to take certain otc meds. it’s a choice. for ppl like animal abusers in labs and ppl like me who try to do my part. the touching grandparents line wasn’t effective either. my grandparents would likely refrain from many meds if they saw what these poor animals go thru for years. nice try though. i see where u were trying to go with your post, i’m just not buying it…devil or no devil.

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