Black Like Me?

August 28, 2008

Has Clinton Retained His Position as the First African American President?

By Randy Stelly and Carol Forsloff

I’m an African American, and my white business partner is too, although she got that status later when I gave it to her. So we can write about this together because we know what being black is. And it isn’t color necessarily, although that helps. It’s mostly attitude.


Clinton had attitude in the White House. He got it. He talked; he listened. He knew. He was. In his food, in his smile, in his playing that horn and in doing what’s right for folks no matter the color. What a guy. Then it looked like he was going to give all that up to have a chance for his friends to sleep with Lincoln, i.e. in the dead President’s bedroom again, while just maybe he got to sleep somewhere else in his retirement while his wife Hillary worked the red phone in a crisis. But a few bad days doesn’t make one’s hair permanently “bad” (as in the kind that’s any way you can’t get it too look good, and maybe even straight). In short our boy (I can say that all I want to!) stayed one of us. In the end he didn’t desert a brother. He stood right up there in front of everyone and pointed his finger as he told the folks in the room that Obama could be President. Right now.


I gotta tell you it wasn’t easy. I watched that white-haired dude get up on stage, thinking “what if he blows it?” We all know that he blows, with all angles to that word and its meanings. Some would say that brought him to brotherhood. That’s artificial though, because it’s only a stereotype I don’t like and that isn’t true or right. To be black like me (or us says Carol) means thinking about getting there, never giving up, taking chances and having what we all call heart that isn’t afraid to be shown on the sleeve once in awhile.


I remind my white partner in my newspaper when she thinks she knows it all that she’s only been black a couple of years. Well maybe more, since I didn’t know her before that. But she got it too. Right away. So that makes us brother and sister. Like Bill got it before he was President, lost it a bit, then got it back. In short, Bill Clinton on Wednesday night got his groove back.

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