Goldie Hawn with cub mate Kurt Russel

Carol Forsloff – Youth, someone said, shouldn’t be wasted on the young; so some older women are zoning in on fun times that used to be only for the guys, and that’s the opportunity for younger mates.

Women are taking over that winter-spring phenomenon that allows them to have goodies
without entanglement.  It’s a lifestyle change that has swept the
country, so that folks don’t assume the mature woman with huddling with
some fine looking, young fellow is the brother or son.  Oh, no, it may
be the paramour these days, something that no longer turns heads and
wags tongues like once would have happened in such arrangements.

These cradle-robbing,
good-time gals are called coyotes; and some men say they make them
howl.   Authorities say this phenomenon is taking over almost as much as
science says has occurred with the furry creatures they are named for,
that have multiplied in the wake of human civilization and readily
Reproduction, as in multiplying the activity although
not necessarily the production of offspring, is occurring not just in
cities,  although women in rural areas are less likely to hitch up with
younger men, authorities maintain. But while some folk call these wild
women who attract young men coyotes, others have other names that imply
that natural tendency to crouch, jump and prowl. These folk call their
fantasy femmes cougars. There’s even a website called Date
a Cougar
that devotes itself to getting the young man and the
older woman together.

Two years ago CNN
had a story entitled, “Older Women and Younger Men: Can It Work” in
which it enumerated some of the high profile Hollywood couples who have
had successful relationships where the woman is significantly older
than the man. The article used Susan Sarandon, 12 years older than her
partner, Tim Robbins as a fine example of one of those upstanding,
outstanding, still-standing couples who obviously don’t mind the age
difference that would seem topsy-turvy to tradition.

Then there’s the long-term romance that has continued with Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russel, he more than a decade younger than the beautiful 60-something woman he is with.But that
tradition has been upset by cougar-coyotes like Sarandon, whom most men
would agree still sizzles. CNN pointed to a 2003 study by AARP that
revealed that 34 percent of all women over 40 in the survey were dating
younger men, and 35 percent preferred it to dating older men.

talk-forum website provides evidence that the practice of older women
and younger men in intimate relationships continues to increase as the
culture appears to nod its approval sufficiently in cities. The site, Funky
Brown Chick
, calls readers to attention with the enticements about
cougars and cubs, the phrase used to describe the phenomenon that occurs
when an older woman pairs with a younger man.

What happened to
those joys of loving an older man? Obviously some women have forgotten
that and are looking for new ways to express independence. It seems that
equality is finally occurring in bedrooms all over the country just as
it has increased in other areas of women’s rights all over the country,
according to stories that women relate.

So senior women coyotes
or cougars are uniting apparently, recognizing they have nothing to lose

but their tales.

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