Ernest Dempsey — Do you think their treatment in America and East Europe or Brazil are the worst nightmare of homeless dogs? Well think again, for what you will read now is literally an earthly hell for dogs.

Today’s economic giant China has places where dogs are baked alive! For any civilized individual, it will be hard to find the right words for this practice, for it is so terrifyingly wrong that the worst term one could think of will be tame in the force of its meaning to represent this horror of horrors.

The practice of cooking dogs while it is alive is being reported once in a while from China. Last year, Green Prophet published a story on stray dogs being cooked alive in Eastern China. The post had photos of a small homeless puppy being lured toward a woman who was shown in the next photo to be holding the dog by its neck in tongs and cooking it over fire.

A post in the Data Lounge noted that this kind of cooking, which obviously is extremely cruel, dates back to Thousands of years in Chinese history – a kind of culinary tradition. Eastern  Chinese city of Kengkou is particularly infamous for this as the photos of the story making the news were taken from there. But the practice exists, as a sore on the burdened existence of insensitive human hunger.

The write of the above post so rightly noted that while in places where consuming dogs for food is taboo, such practice indeed sounds cruel. Yet, when thought over in the context of all the animal bloodshed and cruelty to animals in the west and other parts of the world, it will become a bit difficult to condemn the Chinese alone for what they do to dogs. In a world where a living, breathing animal, capable of feeling pain and emotions and as much part of our natural scene as any human, how can we overlook what happens to cattle, pigs, poultry, and other animals and still say that we condemn cruelty to animals in China.

In this global drama of senseless slaughter, animals are conveniently made “source of protein” to justify the massacre. Burning dogs alive for food in China is again a reminder that we need to stop now – even now if we could – because life is rotting in our furnace of ignorance.

To urge China and request President Obama to raise this issue of brutal treatment of dogs in China, Linda Camac has started a petition online. Dog lovers, opponents of animal cruelty, and those against using animals as food are all invited to sign the petition online and be the voice of the victims.


  • Gayle Scott says:

    Horrfied beyond belief at the sickos in China and other parts of the world that hurt living beings like they do, they can not be sane people and do a thing like this to anything that breathes. May you rot in eternal hell.

  • Stephen McCann says:

    This Sadistic Practice MUST stop with Immediate effect the consequense can be by the people in General boycotting ALL Chinese produce whether in restaurants or any other form of Imported manufactured materials hurt them where it hurts most their Economy they will learn that the right minded people of this planet will not stand for this gross sick practice

  • Nermine Kamel says:

    this is not a human attitude…not ethical …not merciful… only savage people dont have mercy on animals…STOP THIS PLEASE…put yourselves in their place and tell me how you feel.HAVE MERCY ON THEM FOR GOD SAKE

  • mary says:

    i just have no words anymore.

  • Deborah Eizinger says:

    Are you serious?

  • Shirley Kim-Ng says:

    My husband is Chinese and he says that roasting dogs alive in Cina is a lie. Can you proove to me that it is true? Can you cite your source for this story or link to videos? Thank you.

  • Shirley, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. The links to sources of information have been included in the aricle (the words appearing in red font are linked to the sources; click on these words and you’ll get to the source of information). We didn’t mention a video, and so far no denial has come against this because it was apparently reported first-hand with photos of a puppy available. Despite this, even if photos are not available, it doesn’t mean something doesn’t happen. How can we one be sure that your husband is telling the truth?

  • Graveless says:

    Our world is as it is because of the sick and disgusting way mankind has killed and tortured the fowl and beasts of this planet for millennia . We live in a world of evil,chaos , bloodshed, run by the NWO who wish to wipe us all out. And they are close, but it is our karma for endless barbaric sadistic treatment of poor defenseless creatures who only love us and trust us and this is how they are paid back. We don’t need to survive off their tortured meat and actually we’d be much healthier without it . Remove the veil over your eyes , question everything , anything is a possibility. LOVE is the answer. For real dudes :)

  • kevin says:

    What about lobsters…………..??

  • Kevin your point about lobsters (or other life forms) is very much relevant and I agree that our culture and brought up doesn’t present them to us as cuddly. But personally I condemn all animals killings for food/hunting/any other purposes. I think we only have self-defence as a reasonable excuse to end another life. Just to give you a hint of how I do stand for letting lobsters live, please read my article on GHN at the link: I hope you will take a moment to leave a comment there too. Thank you for caring about life!

  • The Grinning Doggy says:

    Of course this is a sickening atrocity and shows that those Chinese people that can do this- lack compassion, empathy and mercy.

    If they had such, they would never be able to do something so heartless and evil.

    But let’s not put all people in China under the same label despite the high degree of animal atrocities we see happening there.

    ( Do keep in mind, the USA is hardly without blood on their hands, with regard to their own varied brands of animal torture and murder. Every nation’s citizens should reflect on their country’s treatment of animals as they gasp at this story and view the images.)

    In defense of the people of China who love animals & have pets:
    Clearly during the rabies scare in this China, a few years back- we DID see many Chinese animal lovers screaming in horror as the police tore their pets away from them- often murdering them before their eyes. Yes, even when they had proof of a rabies vaccine for their pets.

    Those chilling images made it across the internet, around the world.
    Put yourself in the shoes of all those pet owners who literally had a physical tug of war – hanging on to a beloved pet, as it was being torn from their arms to be killed.

    So, we know there are Chinese people who are pet lovers and would find this story about cooking live dogs reprehensible.
    They too, would see this practice, as offensive as anyone else that read it and was torn between rage and tears…..

    Oddly enough, seeing the link to the poor puppy lured over by a Chinese woman with a morsel of food- and then grabbed, only to be cooked alive I thought about what goes on around the world without so much of a thought by most people: lobsters and crabs being boiled alive.

    It is absolutely no different than what is being done to this puppy- but apparently shellfish lacks the cuteness factor for most people.

    Point is: you are causing the horrific suffering and death of a living creature.

    And on that note, it really is exactly the same thing.

  • Jodi says:

    what a world we live in , I am disgusted!

  • Helen says:

    Disgusting! As far as I’m concerned we didn’t drop enough atomic bombs. It appears some “society’s” need to be wiped out… only the dogs may be kinder, they are often known to lick the hand of their abudsers while I would bite it off!!!

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