Ernest Dempsey — Wounds bring pain, and untreated wounds can be deadly. This is what the Columbus Animal Control in Georgia needs to know and take seriously as they are holding captive a dog in need of urgent treatment but is not being taken to a vet for getting the same.

Elijah is the name of the unfortunate pit bull that is being held at the Columbus Animal Control in a bad condition. The dog has been in their custody for almost a month and has lesions on both front legs. Sources from within the animal control reveal that the dog is not being provided treatment for his lesions while he keeps licking them. Nothing is being done about this too, leaving the dog at an increased risk of severe infection from his affected legs. If left untreated, he may lose both his legs to festering.

While there are unconfirmed reports that the animal control management means to get Elijah into rehab, the fact that they are not getting him any treatment is causing the concern among animal rights advocates and local dog rescues that Elijah may have been put on the list of dogs to be euthanized. Although the Columbus Animal Control is said to be open to pit bull adoptions, the reported neglect in Elijah’s case is creating serious doubts about the management’s good intentions for the dog as they are refusing to release the dog to a rescue. Strengthen this suspicion is the information that the attorneys from the animal control are not responding to contact attempts by the attorneys trying to help the dog.

A facebook page has been created in support of Elijah to be released from the animal control. It asks supporters to write to Teresa Pike Tomlinson, Mayor Columbus Consolidated Government, to intervene and help Elijah get freedom and treatment which, at this stage, for him means another chance at life.


  • David Reneau says:

    You should do a little more fact checking. There is much more to the story than has been told to you.

  • Lillie Ruby says:

    Looks like Elijah can’t afford to be caught up in bureaucracy. Please take action to get him proper treatment.

  • U need to give this innocent dog a chance as u would a child cause they r the same and its inhumane to that and would u want someone not to give your pet or child or grandchild that chance. Well how can u look in the mirror every morning and know what u r doing is wrong. u need to give the rescues a chance to help him which mant r willing to heklp. So let them

  • Nancy Golio says:

    To the Mayor and City Council and People of Columbus Georgia, I am imploring you to please free Elijah! This poor dog has suffered enough…It is so sad when politics get in the way of doing the right thing…The people with Animal Ark Rescue know this dog, love this dog, and can provide this dog with whatever it needs…And he needs help and compassion, but mostly he needs a chance…He was placed with someone ill equipted and not fully knowledgable with the special needs and concerns of this particular dog.The rescue group can care for him in the proper way, and they want to. Please don’t let another abused dog be left to die…He deserves love and compassion…I believe strongly he would give it to you if the roles were reversed….Please free Elijah and let him get the help he needs…This disposible society of ours confuses me…We are supposed to be the intelligent species, but we have distorted and perverted our interpretations of how we are supposed to live..Dominance over God’s animals doesn’t mean that we should turn away and pretend the truth is not real…These animals are like children to alot of us who own and love and care for these dogs…So I’m asking, would you turn your back on a child that neeeded help no matter what the situation or consequences?? I think not!! So on the same token, please release Elijah to the rescue and give him a chance. He deserves it. You owe it to youeselves to do the right thing because you CAN!!!!!!!!!

  • Jennifer allen says:

    Please at least give this baby a chance

  • Please get Elijah the HELP he so DESPERETLY NEEDS.

  • This is indespicable. How can these so called people get away with this? Why do they have so much power? This is a very scary situation. That these persons that are supposed to be caring for animals at shelters are doing just the opposite. These monsters need to be taken out of their positions. They have to much power! Please, those that have the power, save these poor animals from abuse. Close this shelter down or get new compassionate staffing.

  • Larisa Scharikin says:

    It is always best for City Attorneys to return calls. Our Attorney left three messages and no word back. This brings up a red flag that they are hiding something. We are afraid that Animal Controls idea of “rehabilitation” is equal to that of the Nazis and their “relocation” program.City Officials sounded convincing, but, when it came time to substantiate that Elijah was safe..all became quiet. THIS DOG NEEDS MEDICAL TREATMENT..NOW

  • Vionnette E. Negron says:

    Please help this poor dog release Elijah so he can be treat. Please Mayor Teresa Pike help this animal he suffered enough . Thanks for your help God bless you ;)

  • Patty Yuraitis says:

    Is animal control funded by the goverment?? If so….. what happened to “We the PEOPLE”, & to actually pay these knuckleheads (so called animal control officers) who don’t even offer treatment when/where it is needed… laws, & new people need to be addressed…it is just sad that animal lives are at stake while people bicker over what?!! I thought “animal control” cared for animals …that is why they WANT to work there & chose that job…..move over & let someone who gives a dam take charge!!!

  • Leigh Ann says:

    PLEASE TAKE THIS BABY TO THE VET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jeff Summerlin says:

    Please help this poor animal. Do the right thing.

  • jamie says:

    Please help elijah! This is so wrong.what kind of animal control center is this in colombus ,Georgia?

  • David Reneau says:

    I visited the dog today. His tail was wagging and some one from 2nd ave vet said the vet saw him today. He still looked skinny but appeared to be in good spirits and health. The lady at the Ac said he was eating and drinking very well.

  • MLT says:

    My calls have also not been returned. If there is “more to the story” there is STILL NO EXCUSE for failing to provide him care. If they have reason to hold him, so be it. But while he is there he should get care…especially since he’s in such desperate need. We have been told by someone in Animal Control that his legsl are getting worse and he’s not gotten treatment. No. Excuse. I’d like the mayor or anyone in AC to get locked up with a wound and not receive care…or their friend or family or family pet. Elijah needs care…just give him that decency…please

  • kristal says:

    the reply i just got in my messages on facebook from the mayor.

    Mayor Teresa Tomlinson

    You have been completely misinformed. We have received a complaint against the rescue group that placed Elijah. The complaint asserts irresponsible tactics and harassment. So, that rescue group will certainly not be getting Elijah back. Elijah has been getting care and has been placed with a special treatment facility. We have one of the best shelters in this state and region. We have a new state of the art facility. We have a euthanasia rate well below state and national averages and have increased our pet adoptions 369%. You have been duped by false information, I’m afraid.

  • Jan White says:

    Please allow Elijah medical attention. He was cruely abused before by his family then was rescued and saved. He is a beautiful baby and deserves the chance to be loved and cared for. Please let him know that there are people that love him. It wasn’t his fault that the adopter didn’t pay attention to his needs and now her he is suffering again for a humans stupidity.

  • Danielle says:

    I only hope they were telling you the truth about a vet seeing him today.. This poor dog does not deserve this kind of treatment. Something seriously needs to be done here about this and the treatment he is receiving. Im so pissed with this one.

  • Kat Poteat says:

    I’d like to know why the mayor keeps insisting that he’s been transferred to a “wonderful facility where he is getting the care and treatment he needs”, when it’s absolutely clear that they’ve not transferred him anywhere. According to David Reneau (see comment above), Elijah truly is in animal control. Why the lies? In her email to me tonight, she said that she doesn’t want to release the name of the place he’s been sent to because she and other people are afraid that the place will be harassed and threatened. That’s complete bull. She doesn’t want to release information because she’s LYING about where he is.

  • Kat Poteat says:

    I got the same message. However, read a couple of posts up from someone who saw him TODAY in animal control. I’m furious.

  • Jamie says:

    The ENTIRE, true story with all the facts can be found in this beautifully written blog:

  • Susan says:

    According to 2nd Ave Vet thats a tale! Who is David that he gets to see him when all others are denied?

  • W D S says:

    The Mayor is incorrect to place the blame on Animal Ark. Just because someone is a supporter of Animal Ark and is out there ranting doesn’t necessary mean Animal Ark is to blame. In fact Animal Ark handles things very professional.. sure they’re angry but they aren’t stooping that low. I apologize that you have been misinformed by the Mayor!

  • RoseBudd says:

    I have a problem with anything Mayor Tomlinson says. I have seen instances when it could be said that her honor has duped the citizens of Columbus. She says one thing and appears to mean another to the people. Her politics have the air of autocracy or elitism. If she says we have been duped by Animal Ark check it out. I have been directed to Animal Ark by volunteers and workers at PAWS. We need a Miss Francis to get the truth, unfortunately it seems she has taken any compassion that AC had and Elijah is going to need drastic intervention.
    As to not having the whole story, you are correct. However, that does not excuse abuse of Furbabies. Tell the whole story and not just he said she said but the WHOLE sum of the FACTS!

  • david reneau says:

    I may have been mistaken as to which vet saw the dog. I was informed by someone at 2nd ave the vet saw him yesterday. I assumed he was from 2nd ave. If I am wrong about that I do apologize. There is enough misinformation out there I do not want to add any more.

    I saw the dog he looked as good as a dog who was in as bad of shape as he was could. His tail was wagging his eyes were sparkling. He still needs to gain some weight but I understand that will take time.

    I am not a vet that is NOT a medical opinion.

  • Carol Ann says:

    Elijah is being visited by David AND a couple other very concerned people in the area. He is receiving treatment from vets.

    Every day, a couple people visit and bring him ‘goodies’.

    Until he is moved to safe, rehab facility, he will stay in the safe confines of the ACC.

    At this point, I fear that if those who are fighting so hard with false information find out where he is going, his life is more at risk.

    Can you imagine the harassment which will be given to the rehab facility.

    God knows, I would never tell them where he is going.

    I would like to know:

    Why did the original facility continue to post that they were wanting monetary donations on their website AFTER he had been placed in his forever home AND after Elijah was no longer in their care…for a good month?

  • Jan White says:

    Kat, David is a friend of the woman that adopted Elijah.

  • Jan White says:

    David is a friend of the woman that adopted Elijah. Don’t take things at face value.

  • Tonya says:

    Please fill us in then!!

  • Larisa Scharikin says:

    Lexus Project has one concern and focus. The well being of Elijah. From my various conversations with people I have been able to collect information. My job is strictly to convey all information to our Attorney.It may be that Elijah is indeed going to a rehab facility. I spoke to someone who said they have been visiting him and he is fine.I also can understand why AC might be reluctant to give out the name of the facility. Our Attorneys are trying to get confirmation of all of that. Once we have confirmation, and once our Vet sees Elijah and can CONFIRM he is fine we are left with no other option than to assume he is not. Words are one thing and deeds are another. We do not wish to become involved in the politics of the issue, or who said what.We want to know that Elijah’s legs are fine since his condition can turn septic. Typically, most AC do not treat the dog. They just hold the dog.The person who adopted Elijah should not in anyway be slammed for all this. Once the Police arrived at the scene so did AC. It is automatic. Our issue is not with this person at all. I believe she is concerned for the dog and wants him to be taken care of.Our focus is on ensuring Elijah is fine now, and that he will be fine in the future. We might not make EVERYONE happy, that is not our job. But, we will ensure Elijah is safe.

  • david reneau says:

    Yes Jan I am her friend. I was in the hearing I heard her tell the story the same way she told it right after it happened. AA also had their say at the hearing after we left. The board decided not to give the dog back to them. They heard the whole story both sides and made their decision.

    Yes I did see the dog yesterday the adopter saw the dog yesterday. The vet was there while she was there. As I said he still looks skinny but much better than the pics I saw of him when AA got him. His tail was wagging and he had a sparkle in his eye. The adopter brings him treats and checks on him several times per week. Just to make it clear we were their at separate times.

  • Jan White says:

    Tonya, Ignore him-he’s a friend of the adopter. He writes later that 2nd ave vet saw Elijah yesterday. The Lexus Project confirmed with the vet said Elijah was not seen yesterday. Why someone wants to come on here and lie I have no idea. Just listen to the facts on Elijah’s page. Anyone that loves animals and most of all wants to stop BSL come join us on The Animal Army page. We have over 400 members in less than 2weeks. Click on ASK TO JOIN.

  • Jack R says:

    Free him at once! You have no right to hold this innocent like that!

  • The Lexus Project, Inc. says:

    We have confirmed that Elijah has been seen by not one, but two vets, including the one who initially treated him. BOTH vets confirmed that he is doing well–his wounds are healing, he is gaining weight and he is responsive. I was on the phone ALL day with the City Attorney’s Office and the Mayor’s Office who worked cooperatively with us (in conjunction with Animal Control) to provide us with his medical records AND the name and location of the rehabilitation facility he is going. Because of the wide-spread rumors, false accusations and threats made, the details are being kept confidential. We do know that he will be cared for and we do know that he HAS been cared for since Animal Control has taken him in.

  • Samantha Torrence says:

    Thank you for your diligence and updating us. I know that many people will be glad to see Elijah is doing well, healing, and will be rehabilitated. I received word that the original lady who adopted Elijah has been very vocal in requesting he be rehabilitated, has visited Elijah, and cares about him. It looks like there are so many loving and wonderful people who care about this cute dog. Let’s hope he can be rehabilitated and placed in a permanent home.

  • macrn says:

    So David, the vet who says he did not see the dog as was reported is lying??? How do you know it was a vet, did they introduce themselves as “Doctor” or did you see their diploma???? Is the “vet” employed by the shelter or making a “house call”?

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