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Carol Forsloff – Making music for money is difficult these days, as folks all over the world will say.  But find a little “Sugar,” and that music he makes promotes the rest of us to appreciate what a fellow can do with modern technology, the Internet and lots of talent with instrument, visuals and voice.

“27 years.”  That’s how long “Sticky Sugar” Hopkins has been playing.  He goes on to tell us, ” I was going to take a degree in music,  but all that fell through. I became a guitarist one day when my father handed me a guitar.  He had got frustrated with stringing. It had nylon strings and a very wide neck. When I played my first electric guitar i just found it so easy to master.”

Master is surely what Sticky Sugar is, with videos that have variety, color and musical excitement.  He can play his original music in ways that make folks tap their feet and yell for more.  Or he can take a Beethoven piece and own it, modern style.

Creative folks like Hopkins often find themselves frustrated in a world where anybody can.  And that’s the trouble, not everybody can.  Everybody wants to, in some ways, stand out in an artistic way.  It is that rare person, however, whom one finds in unusual ways that generates such excitement that the discovery just must be shared.

I found that Hopkins fellow, who also goes by the name of Yawroc,  on Fandalism on Facebook.  I just looked him up, as I read a couple lines of a post and was curious as many might be, to hear and see videos with a variety of music, all played with distinctive cleverness and style, from blues to rock to that old man Beethoven.  Listen to the mundane become miraculous in the hands of a guitar prince who makes music in ways that many yearn to do and spend a whole life learning and still don’t catch up.

That Sugar is in that 40-something age range, which means enough of life’s seasoning to write and sing with experience.  Take a life that has had its share of knocks and tears, and you have some of the classic background many of the hard-time, great performing musicians had that spurs energy of tone and rhythm with a voice to match.  Elvis’ and Roy Orbison, because of the sensitivity of their voices and their musical styles, are “Sugar’s” musical heroes, among others.

Someone who has known Sticky Sugar and his music for a long time has this to say:  “Every once in a while someone comes along who creates an indelible impression in life. Yawroc Sticky Sugar Hopkins is one such person whose musical talent with the guitar creates a whole new dimension in the World of Music. As a brilliant, yet self taught musician, he has evolved through his own vision, creativity and self belief to be an outstanding and incredible artist..

It has been a tough road with many twists and turns and a few pitfalls, yet this guy has never doubted his own ability to succeed in what he does best – play the guitar , write songs and vocalize as the true professional he is. He will tell you that he has molded his style of playing through various great guitarists yet, his own sound is unique and instantly recognizable. As a singer/songwriter he evokes emotion and depth in many of his songs which will blend sweetly into the listener’s mood.

For those of us who have no musical ability there is a need to fill our aspirations through those who are genuinely gifted. Yawroc Sticky Hopkins is a musician who truly inspires with his unique blending of genres. His ability to create a beautiful and haunting ballad, a raw and mind blowing rock number or a melodious and catchy Blues number is what makes him such a versatile and creative musician. The time has come for Yawroc Sticky Hopkins to be recognized for what he is a consummate and total professional on the music scene.”

Like this fan who writes so eloquently of Yawroc also Sugar, I have become a devoted one as well of a man with exceptional talent in a world where one has to look under lots of cabbage leaves to find the best.

So come with me and enter the world of wonderful, right at your fingertips, where you can linger awhile, then come back for more, because you’ll be wanting more of that “Sugar” for all those better reasons.


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  • SuperHarrygeorge says:

    A brilliant article on a very talented musician. Written with depth and empathy. It gives a pretty good insite into a man who has never given up on his aspirations. Hope his dreams come true.

  • Allan andersen says:

    great reading and yawroc(sugar) is the best

  • Sonny says:

    May i firstly say what a fine well written article this is.
    I have known Yawroc through his music on Youtube for many years.
    Both myself as well as my partner love his music.
    I am in someways jealous of Yawroc but only because my partner seems to be
    Mesmerized by him. I have always said which my partner also agree’s that Yawroc is a Magnet because once you have been drawn to him there is no escpape not that either of us would want to.
    I really want to see this guy on Television up there on a stage because that is exactly where he belongs.
    The man has immense talent both song, music, production. He also has vision, style as well as 100% class.
    Yawroc is a king at what he does. I cannot reveal to who i really am for personal as well as contractual reasons.
    But one day this guy is going to go to the top believe me i have put his name about, those people who have the bucks have listened.
    The ball is in their court. The article written on Yawroc is precise. May God bless you all here.. To The man himself YAWROC…

  • Yawroc says:

    Wow i have read through these messages. I am very honoured that Carol took time out to write this about me. I would like to say a massive thankyou to Carol for all that she has written.. and some of the fans who have also written up here. I can only add about myself really that i will continue to get do my best to get my material or my guitaring out there into the main world.. and may my friends as well as Carol always be with me for many years to come yet as i have tons of material yet to see the light of day.
    May God watch over all those who are around me and protect them.. It is with Gods help and my faith in him that one day all the tears, sweat and toil sleepless nights will one day pay off, But most important Yawroc is recognized as a prized musician because that is what he, me deserves.. If anyone has earned that i can definitely say i have.. Thankyou friends and thankyou Carol, say a prayer for me as i say a prayer for all of you.
    Yawroc. Sticky “Sugar”

  • Nancy Burridge says:

    Carol, I just found this marvelous article. I too, have come to love this man as a musical genius as have many others. Your article was so thought provoking and well written that I hope it will prompt many others to search out his music and understand what we are talking about, mesmerized by and constantly wanting more of. Carol, you were an angel sent to help spread the word about this man. As a fan of Sugar, I say ‘thank you!”
    And to Sugar I say..never, ever give up your dream!

  • And I too stand in awe of this man. I wrote when I had just met him and listened to his music. Now after weeks of knowing him better, and listening more, the article by comparison minimizes his talent. He rises like cream.

  • Ray Cullen says:

    Its a well know fact that the worlds finest musicians are on youtube,however it dosen’t really register with you until,you hear someone like Sugar,his timeless music,videos and lyrics are a delightful treat and what a privileged it is to actually hear and see this man,if your reading this Sugar,God Bless you Man,your a legend in our time.

  • Sticky "Sugar" Hopkins says:

    Hey there well thank you for your kind words. as well as acknowledgement in what i do. To be quite honest when i perform a track i just cannot allow that track to be placed without it having some kind of visual response.
    It is almost like creating a beautiful solo. A solo within a piece of music is not just there to break what might be a natural course in a composition, say a start, Middle, End.. A solo has to say something that maybe words just cannot express.. I have heard songs or instrumentals where the solo is just there to cement two pieces together and that is completely wrong.
    I like many write from experience, sadness, fun, Love, or even places, I will even try to interpret maybe someones experience on any given subject within a piece of music.
    Many ask why the variety? why do you not just stick with one form of music either Rock Country or Blues?
    Well that is because i have a very broad taste in music.. I have always enjoyed certain themes to Film and television.
    My own Father has always stated that his son has an awesome imagination, and the creativity he is dumbfounded where all that came from.
    For me its not to look at the world in one direction or one perspective but many.. Look at my music and my videos almost if you will as a Patchwork quilt because that is exactly what it is, varied and colorful, Just like life really.
    I do what i do and if people enjoy it then that is good, but also good in the way or knowledge that i have in some way brought light into maybe a dull existence or an unhappy time or just plain escapism. My mind is as colorful as my music and even i sometimes get too complex even for myself to understand sometimes which direction i am going in..
    Thankyou to all of you as well as Carol for writing such a glorious piece.
    Thanks to you Ray, Suzanne, Nancy, Sonny, Allan.. and the many who may also comment in time here.. Thankyou very much..
    Sugar :o)

  • Great rendition for a Wonderfull and exceptional and very good artist!!!
    Thanks a lot my Friend to share us your talent! ;-)

  • Sugar says:

    Thank you there dear Franck and our feelings and thoughts are mutual!!
    Great man himself..

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