John Patrick — Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms and its applications are used by millions of peopleiphone facebook to connect with their friends and share different activities and interesting things. Private or public content, all these things are related to your personal life. You have got your personal images, messages, etc. So taking care of Facebook account is a big issue nowadays. Most probably, you are not doing any measures to protect your Facebook account completely; is it? You can save your account from other people through your laptop, but chances are you’ll get hacked because of using Facebook on your cell phone.

Today, we will talk about some of the measures that will help you to protect your Facebook account in your cell phones and other devices. So, let’s rock!

One – Secure you device by locking

Around 30% mobile users do not protect their phones by passwords. Protecting your mobile by adding a password is the basic and first step that would protect your Facebook and other accounts in case your mobile is stolen or lost. It not only protects your Facebook, but also other important contents, such as images, data, messages, etc. Think of the banking information, business emails that you left unprotected. Some phones just get locked, and you just have to slide them to unlock, but a stronger protection is recommended by setting a stronger pass-code.

Two – Use different passwords for different accounts

Many people use the same passwords for almost every account they use. Whether it is a hotmail, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, or others, people set one password for all. And most common codes are used by many people. Like 12345 or abcde. If you add some symbols, characters, and letters to your password and set different passwords for different accounts then it should become difficult for people to crack it. Be calm and take time to set up your Facebook password and make it strong because Facebook contains tons of your personal information.

Three – Enable login notifications

In order to protect your Facebook login on your cell phone, enable the login notification. By doing this, Facebook will ask you every time if someone tries to login your account and would not proceed without your approval. This thing is helpful to protect your Facebook account from being accessed by different locations. For this purpose, you have to provide your cell phone number to Facebook. Login approvals always ask you for the special secret code every time you try to access your account from a new place.

Four – Trust best friends only

It is a new innovation introduced by Facebook for us. If you forgot your password and can’t recover it, then Facebook will send different type of codes to your trusted friends, selected by you. When you put them all together, you will easily access your account back. So, you should select trusted persons for this service, otherwise your account will fall in wrong hands.

Final Words

We have talked about the most important measures that would be helpful for the protection of your account and keeping you safe from getting your information into the wrong hands. So, don’t delay, if you haven’t done any of them.


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