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For those who believed they were computer adept in 2000, the new computer technology just in the past ten years proves that the learning curve continues, with the necessary upgrades needed to maintain parity in the Internet business jungle always changing.  Now it’s mobile apps that rule the new Internet generation.

Those who built websites and carried on business in cyberspace over the past several decades have met with frequent interruptions when programs are no longer compatible with new technology that may not be compatible with new tools as well.  So the continuing need for improving, changing and producing or buying something new remains the ongoing requirement for website administrators.  Given that many of these websites are either created and maintained or just maintained by the business owner for those sole proprietor companies that multiply in cyberspace, this means additional time playing catch up and at considerable cost to stay ahead of the curve.

Those upgrades and changes can’t be prevented at the consumer end of the spectrum, given the media giants that make the ultimate decisions on products to produce.  So there is now mobile app creation information folks will surely need.

For those who have clients and customers on the go, those mobile apps allow people to read, purchase or find that all-important idea, report or product, so the need for creating programs that fit on small devices becomes essential.  Gizmag, a technological communications network, has paired up with a group called Udemy in offering a course for $39 that provides the how-to information for building mobile apps.

The “crash course” by Udemy is said to be a two-week intensive course designed to prepare the user to build mobile apps in 34 lesson – lectures.  It is designed to be an ongoing reference guide as well, with the user having unlimited and ongoing access to the material.

But the consumer has choices for building these mobile apps.  Here’s a website  that allows 17 solutions to build a mobile app.  They consist of programs for those who know some of the basic computer languages such as html and those who don’t.  And there are websites who will build an app for you for a price, usually from $25 to $99/monthly.

So why Android?  The reason has to do with numbers.  There are many more Android-enabled phones than iPhones and Ipads.  This means it’s more cost effective to generate a program for an Android device than other devices that have fewer users, although more and more businesses have found the need to stretch the curve still further and have mobile apps for the primary devices, some that may remain relatively the same and some that may change as well.  Suffice to say, the mobile Android app for a given website is basic for the business on the move.

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