The story of Lennox’s continued detention in Belfast, United Kingdom, is drawing attention from advocates of animal rights worldwide. Now, a parallel story relating the Belfast City Council (BCC) is coming to the surface.

Prudence Halliwell, an English woman and resident of Erith, Southeast London, has accused BCC of multiple illegal acts of which she became the victim. Halliwell, a homemaker, says she has proof that BCC ransacked her house and harassed her while also stealing her jewelry in March this year while they had also hacked into her computer previously.

Speaking to the Journal of Humanitarian Affairs, Halliwell told that it all started when she tried to inquire about a fraud allegedly involving the council officials. According to Halliwell, her computer was hacked into a week later. This, as Halliwell tells, was repeated when she was having a chat on facebook with an animal rights activist about Lennox, the dog held by BCC and put on death row after ripping it from its family two years earlier.

“But this was not the end,” says Halliwell. “On March 20, 2012, the BCC officials raided my house here in Erith; they were physically aggressive and intimidated me; tape-recorded my talk and stole jewelry worth almost 4000 pound sterling, besides seizing my computer.”

As she tells, it was for her computer they had got an injunction to delete a certain file from it, a file of confidential details of BCC staff which was sent by the BCC to her email in what she calls an instance of “planting” the secret file on her computer so as to come up with an excuse for getting an injunction from the court and raid her house to intimidate her.

After they left, Halliwell reported the incident to the authorities in London. She tells that her case was heard by a court in London on 27th of March in which the court ordered the BCC officials to return her computer and belongings they had taken away. But when asked about the jewelry, BCC officials simply did not answer.

While they returned Halliwell’s computer, she says the secret file for which her computer was taken by BCC had not been deleted. It was there and according to her is still there.

“This is enough to prove they had some other motive than deleting files or checking my computer,” told Halliwell.

Prudence Halliwell now intends to go to the court against the intimidation and harassment of BCC, saying she has been previously victimized by the council and they continue to do so.

“Even now I get weird calls from their numbers, singing on my phone to me,” she says. “They are all former terrorists and they continue to be that as they try to scare me.”


  • Tamara says:

    Apparently the BCC have no ethics nor do they feel they need to obey the law.

  • Larisa Scharikin says:

    I am amazed that BCC continues to act with impunity. First with Lennox and now with this woman. Who runs Belfast???????

  • angela mannering says:

    Lol. I’ve never read anything so ridiculous in my life. First off Belfast City Council have no jurisdiction in Erith and a computer can’t be seized without a court order. What the hell does she think a council would want to implant her computer with exactly? When BCC or any Govt dept call you, their numbers are witheld so I very much doubt she’s getting calls from anyone other than the local loony bin wanting to book her in. This is a total crock of poo and she needs locking up for everyone elses safety. Nutter.

  • shirley says:

    They are all former terrorists.on BCC? What planet does Prudence live on? It isn’t Earth. Absolutely nuts and Boycott Belfast have the cheek to post this rubbish!!

  • cari says:

    Er……. this sounds like a loony toones to me. total tosh.

  • mary says:

    Think the way things have panned out with lennox and his family Im more likely to believe Prudence

  • shirley says:

    Rubbish tamara and Mary. Check ur facts!!!



  • I think those who claim that this case of getting a court injunction and seizing Halliwell’s computer did not happen must look at this story on BBC News It shows that it all did happen; only Halliwell was never given a chance to tell her story. So now we have her side of the story and we can raise important questions about how a court injunction issued in Belfast is applicable in England and how somebody from BCC would “mistakenly” send an email to a common woman in England.

  • Melissa Lester says:

    Prudence Halliwell is the character name of a witch on the popular tv series….CHARMED. ?????

  • Larisa Scharikin says:

    Prudence Halliwell is her pseudo name..if you look at the BBC article you get her real name.

  • sandra dunne says:

    with london on lennox side he will be freed …

  • Cas Todd says:

    I’m inclined to believePrudence. BCC think they’re a law unto themselves, plus they’re liars, especially the dog warden and the conditions of the cement cage they’re keeping poor innocent Lennox in are deplorable!! It’s about time they admitted they were wrong and free Lennox !!

  • Cas Todd says:

    There’s a lot more than just London on Lennox’s side Sandra, Bcc just won’t admit they made a mistake and are in the wrong though !!

  • pru halliwell says:

    BCC is commandeered by thugs and criminals BUT …GOOD NEWS they are no longer allowed to carry out their usual bigittry,if they do then the European union wont give them any more PEACE!!!! money BUT its now OK for them to find people to victimise further afeild?????

  • pru halliwell says:

    “Angela Mannering” check the press you nincompoop the sending of the offending item is well reported both in the press ,The Irish News where it was published on the front page .The BCC admit sending documents to me and also they have told both the High Court Belfast and London that they Emailed a “specified item ” to me .SOooo… “Angela Mannering” get your facts straight 1. The BCC are not a “Government Department”nor are their numbers withheld BUT you probably are related to them. Is that anywhere near the mark????

  • pru halliwell says:

    FYI Mellissa Lester,
    This name was not invented by American TV producers there are many Prue Halliwells ,Prudence Halliwells and Pru Halliwells in England and that would be due to the fact that halliwell is one of the first surnames in England .So called after the place Halliwell IN ENGLAND MELLISSA LESTER!!!!There are also many Michael Jacksons and Carl lewises who are not singers or atheletes these facts might surprise you Mellissa Lester

  • pru halliwell says:

    For your info ms schaeikin, my name or in fact any person’s name is what that individual decides it to be (in English legislation) HOWEVER …the BBC have never spoken to me and do not have any knowledge of me other than that which they have copied from other “journalists ” and assumed to be so .Or maybe they dont care whether there is any element of truth in what they write .Also there is no such thing as a psuedo nom.

  • shirley says:

    How exactly do you know what conditions lennox is living in? And how do you know BCC are liars? If you believe “Prudence” then you are almost as deluded as she is. Get a life

  • pru halliwell says:

    Well “Shirley”,you appear to have some problem of your own as you think that you can cast aspertions and make judgements where you have clearly no knowledge of the situation There are many reports in the news papers and Northern Irish TV news about BCC and the sending of a specified document to me also the fact that they came to my address and took items they also admi
    t to.
    SOoo…SHIRLEY the only one who is delusional is YOU.

  • pru halliwell says:

    BCC seem to make a lot of “mistakes” ,so how about this these are not mistakes just malicious and malfeasant acts by petty minded self obsessed low level beauracrats who get their thrills from annoying the public ? does that fit the bill???

  • Rose Bauer says:

    We supporters of Lennox here in the United States are tired of the whole terrible mess created around a beautiful and loving family dog. We are just ready for Lennox to go home to his family. The Barnes family have endured so much pain and suffering, especially the young girl while being worried sick about their boy Lennox. It is time to celebrate his homecoming and feel the joy and great happiness it will bring to all around the world that love him.

  • Jessie Tyson says:

    The way things have panned out with lennox and his family I’m more likely to believe Prudence, real name Heather M Brown. See BBC article here:

    And here:

    I live in Canada, will they come after me next? :D Or another old woman living down the street because I support Lennox and his family?

    Protests Begin Demanding Justice For Lennox

    Please everyone, write to Michelle O’Neil, Agriculture Minister who CAN PARDON LENNOX or at least allow him to live in USA. Email: and any other northern ireland/UK government minister you can find.

    We might only have until Monday, 9th July before yet another innocent PET dog is murdered because a dogs LARGE HEAD PROVES it’s dangerous. It is poppycock and an outrage, usually only found in lawless countries held down by superstition!

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