Ernest Dempsey — Stories of cops losing control, whatever of it they have, and killing without any reason are now getting common in the US. As if to revive the horror of Cisco’s reckless killing only a few days after it happened, a police officer in North Carolina took all the liberty to ignore signs and common sense while delivering subpoenas only to kill a harmless dog on its own property.

The incident took place in Hoke County, North Carolina, at around 10: 15 am on April 21, 2012, when Sgt. Corey Manning from Hoke County’s Sheriff’s Office drove to Megan Posey’s house to deliver “friendly” subpoenas. When Megan Posey was informed by her little sister about an officer standing outside with the subpoenas, she got worried since she already had put signs outside her house warning strangers not to come past the flags but stay inside their vehicles and blow the horn. To her, it was important to her safety and that of her family, including her pets. And now there was a cop, a stranger, and of course, an armed one, on her property without paying heed to the warning signs.

Megan Posey started running to the door to get to the cop before any scene could be created by his carelessness. But before she could get to the door, she heard the gunshot that would make a bleeding hole in her life. And she saw it at the end of the stairs – her friendly and loving pit bull, endearingly called Big Daddy, lying there bleeding and lifeless. Shocked at what was before her, Posey screamed “why?” The dog hadn’t even barked and his owner was at a loss making any sense of why a cop would shoot him. But Sgt. Manning, perhaps for the glorious uniform he was wearing, refused to say anything, except two words: “no comment”.

Indeed what comment could be made for a sudden, reckless murder which has no justification except that a cop carrying a gun had left his good sense – if any – inside his car? But there was something else that seems to have kept Sgt. Manning’s attention till Big Daddy’s owner arrived on the scene. The cop had picked his gun casing from the place whence he had shot the dog, before any pictures were taken of the crime scene. And while Sgt. Manning is said to be claiming that he shot at the dog from the porch, Posey’s grandfather and fiancé, eyewitnesses to the shooting, saw different. As witnessed firsthand, Sgt. Manning was inside the fence already with his gun drawn. The cop has still not told his reason for shooting a friendly dog that didn’t even bark and was shot right inside his house without posing any treat. Megan Posey says that she doesn’t trust the official investigation which is controlled by the Hoke County.

Big Daddy, the favorite pet of neighbors and children, was rescued by her owner from a shelter two years ago where he had ended up a victim of torture and abuse. For Megan Posey, he was a child with a special bond to her savior. This summer, when the 5-year-old niece of Posey’s fiancé comes to visit the family, she will not be able to cuddle and play with her canine friend in the park and Posey would have to tell her that Big Daddy is in heaven, forever. Why he was sent there is something no one will be able to explain. But those with eyes and a heart can see how untrained cops with a gun are wreaking havoc on the peaceful lives of civilians. Whether someone innocent is killed on the road by their tasers or sent to the heaven by their bullets, what do they care? They have the dictatorial legal protection and two words to cover their crimes: “no comment”.

Posey wants the police officer to be punished and other cops of the department to be trained lest they also repeat causing the trauma as inflicted on her and her family by Sgt. Manning. A facebook page Justice for Big Boy, meanwhile, has been created in the memory of the victimized pit bull and a petition has been launched on, demanding justice for the pet that knew only friendship and love.



  • elaine dring says:

    this is shocking, sounds like this police man is trigger happy, he should be charged and not allowed to carry a gun

  • Jacki Yasin says:


  • Michelle sessoms says:

    This is happening more and more often! Something needs to be done and those that are so trigger happy need to be punished so that things like this will not continue!

  • Brandi Wagemann says:

    No matter what breed of dog a cop comes across they do not have the right to shoot a defenseless animal. There was no threat here. The cop was just being a trigger happy asshole.

  • Tracy says:

    My dog was also shot my a police in NC on 5/5/12. In his own yard, after he never hurt anyone. He was with us for 8 years and my boys miss him terribly. Now their faith in the law enforcement is gone. These cases are very avoidable, and things need to change, no one should have to go through this.

  • Debbie Winston says:

    Unexceptable behavior, especially from a Police Officer! If this officer is so trigger happy and apparently a coward at that, IMO he should be held accountable for killing this families pet. The city should also be accountable because it appears they have Failed their responsibility to train their police officers. What an embarrassment of inadequancy to the PD Dept and a large black smear on the city should they Not address this as the serious situation that it is.
    Thank you.

  • trisha says:

    He shud b made retire or put behind a desk n never leave it…hes not a man but a mouse…a bully n a sick twisted evil very dangerous ****…he aint human….i pray ther is justice for this poor baby…r.i.p. big daddy..xx

  • Diane Coles says:

    Poor dog, and family. Did this idiot not know that dogs and humans grow attached to each other? The children will really miss Big Daddy. Put the cop in a cell full of this breed and let’s see what happens. He’ll probably get licked to death. As Brandi said, the guy is an arsehole.

  • Tammy Eason says:

    I own a rescued Pit Bull that will lick you to death. The senseless killing of dogs by Police Officers is disgusting to me. Cops have become so arrogant that they believe they can kill people and animals without recourse. And it is true. The Department protects Cops no matter what they do. Sgt. Manning should get life in prison for this senseless act. We would if we were to kill one of their police dogs. Big Daddy was just as valuable to his family and should be afforded the same respect.

  • Nuria says:

    This is becoming an all too common occurrence. Sadly, the departments always side with “their” trigger happy sociopathic cops. This is just tragic beyond words. I wonder what the hell these policed departments are doing to train these cops? If you are afraid of a dog, then you have no business carrying a gun and being a cop!

  • Nancy says:

    Sounds like this officer, and I use that term loosely, had already decided what he was going to do. He needs to be fired and the county should be sued for not training their men on how to act around any pets they may encounter. This is such a waste. Yes, he needs to be fired and tried for animal abuse.

  • Michele Hallam says:

    Another shameful & senseless killing of someones beloved pet.Some human beings think they are above everything else on the planet, no wonder it is in such an unbelieveable mess! Karma always comes knocking on everyones door, no matter how long it damned well takes & his will arrive one day!!

  • Ruth says:

    I’m not saying what he did is right but…. Cops are trained to protect themselves from all threats, Human or Animal. Only way they can help you is to protect themselves. If he was wrong which it seems he was justice will find him!

  • Carol Vincent says:

    Law enforcement seems to be getting very evil and inhumane. I do not like or trust them anymore. This is so sad, frustrating, and unnecessary. Now why would anyone want to call them in an emergency, if these are the kinds of people working in law enforcement. Discipline and fire all the bad ones. Don’t let them anywhere near guns and anything living. Shame on them!

  • Erin says:

    Shoot the ****** in his head. He murdered someone and should be subject to the same treatment.

  • JOYCE says:

    this is happening way to often they are trigger happy cops that don’t give a dam at all and just shoot. This needs to stop so sad they think they are God and can just show up at your door even if its a wrong address and pull out their guns and start shooting. How terrible for this poor pup who did nothing to that ********* of a cop. He needs to lose his job if he’s that gun happy; who knows who he will shoot next for no reason.

  • JOYCE says:

    there trained to protect themselves if someone or something attackes them or comes at them, not shoot for no good reason, these kind of cops we don’t need and makes a bad name for the rest, shame on this officer he needs to be fired or shot.

  • Valerie says:

    Thank you for providing a link to the fb page.
    There is a request for polie emails on the fb page with email addresses given.
    If interested please look these up and send an email regarding this
    shooting of the dog.
    Only response has been ‘no comment’ to this famly.

  • dawn says:

    Why is it more and more that officers are coming on people’s property and fearing for their lives and shooting to kill. Fedex, UPS and mailman come on peoples property daily and they survive daily…….I am just amazed at how many cops are scared of dogs….these cops are supposed to protect us….and if they are scared of dogs, then I can only imagine how scared they are of criminals…….scary!!!!!!

  • Merril Robellard says:

    Hell yes.

  • Adrian Stock says:

    When someone comes unannounced onto your property waving a gun around and shooting at your family we should all have the right to shoot back, the law is the law, and just because an asshole has a blue uniform on doesn’t make them immune to the law, if anything they should be held to a higher standard and they are absolutely almost never ever held to ANY standard. I’ve seen it too many times with my own eyes. I’d be well within my right to use lethal force to defend myself if anyone tried this crap at my house.

  • Shannon Graham says:

    I saw this on Facebook. The treatment of this family is deplorable. There is no excuse for this and I hope this police officer is terminated.

  • Robert says:

    There seem to be more than a few pus*y police officers out there who pull a weapon whenever anything with four legs appears. I guess using their gun compensates for a lack of something else below the belt.

  • krishna says:

    You should go on the Facebook page ( dogs shot by police) and report it to them. I would also suggest starting a Facebook page and petition for something to be done with the officer who did this . The same way many others have. Get the word out by sharing on other animal sites. Just a suggestion. So sorry for your loss

  • Michelle says:

    This is so sad.Each day more PitBulls are killed because people think they are monsters.Its nothing more then a sterotype.I own two PitBulls and they are the most loving,caring and gentle animals I have ever owned!I hope the officer is fired!!!!!

  • Mad says:

    There is a Facebook page for Big Boy and there is also a petition on Here is the link for the petition:

    Here is the link to his Facebook page:

  • Mad says:

    I shared this horrible event on my Facebook page, but I am wondering why instead of showing poor Big Boy next to the link to the story, they have a group of children. I am saddened immensely over yet another wrongful death of a beloved member of a family who happened to have 4 legs instead of 2. This needs to stop! What is wrong with the world that officers who are suppose to uphold the law are not doing so, but are killing members of a family, when not a thing was going on! “No comment” just does not cut it! No comment!! It’s very scarey for anyone who has any dog these days. My condolences to the family. May Big Boy run free over the Rainbow Bridge forever. Sad, very sad.

  • Hiram says:

    Cops like this are why I couldn’t possibly care less when I read or hear about some jackass badge-boy being killed. The po po is NOT your friend.

  • Hiram says:

    BTW, there is ammunition that’ll go through kevlar like it’s cotton candy.

  • Larisa Scharikin says:

    What they will do now is stand behind their officer. The cop picked up the casing, I would like to know how they are going to explain that. Also, this needs to turn into a media circus so that the city officials realize people are fed up and tired of family pets being killed by trigger happy, dog phobic, breed phobic out of control cops. If the cop is afraid of dogs he should not be a cop. You encounter them everyday. This story is so wrong.

  • Larisa Scharikin says:

    @Mad..when you post it on your facebook page if you look below you have thumbnails..switch it to picture 2. I had the same problem with the picture of the children singing showing up.

  • Sara says:

    it’s a shame, more and more officers are shooting innocent animals just because they can. and they can because there is a law stating that if you feel threatened by and animal you can shoot it. however you don’t hear about an officer shooting a cat it’s almost always a dog and a large dog at that. I have been charged at by more than one dog and it usually is a Small dog that is charging.

  • Patrice Brandt says:

    I don’t know what is going on with these cops but they sure are trigger happy especially with dogs! Delivering a friendly subpoena and then kill their dog! Is they are that scared they should changed jobs!!!!!

  • Woscats says:

    There is absolutely NO excuse for this policeman. He deserves to be thrown out of the department in disgrace, never allowed to carry a gun again, and I would like for this kind of CRIME to be punishable by prison time! We were brought up to think cops are our friends, etc. BULL!

  • Mad says:

    Dear Tracy,

    I am so sorry to read about your dog, too! What happened that caused this to happen to you also? This is so sad! I can’t even imagine having to go through what you and the others have gone through, and still are. Do you have a Facebook page for your beloved dog, like Cisco and Big Daddy do, or a petition in

  • Mad says:

    Thanks, Larisa. Ernest also was so kind to reply as well. Thanks again. I will do that.

  • Par for course says:

    I have a job that puts me in the presence of law enforcement from time to time and have overheard conversations of shooting dogs accompanied by laughs and sh** talk. But we all know that this is happening and, unfortunately, that puts the burden on us to be extra precautious in protecting our dogs. Especially pit bull types.

  • Barbara says:

    Our dog Remi, An American Bull Terrier (Pit Bull) was shot in our front yard last June 4, 2011, by a retired NYC cop who lives around the corner from us. He was talking a walk at 10:00 a.m. on a Saturday morning with a loaded gun in his pocket. The police that responded were consoling him as they deterred our getting her to the animal hospital. They treated me and my children like criminals while they patted him on the back. I called Internal Affairs and got no response whatsoever. It has been a long year of operations, and rehab for Remi, but we are lucky that she is still alive. We always worry that the police will come back to finish the job and slaughter all of our pets. Something MUST be done. And something must be DONE NOW.

  • Barbara says:

    Visit Justice For Remi on Facebook to view her whole story.

  • noralynne says:

    It seems to me it is happening every where my son had two loving pit bulls that his one and a half year old daughter crawled all over them slept in the same bed,they never killed another animal never bit anyone.well they got loose last week and were shot down like ravage beast by the Sallisaw Oklahoma pd and Humane society but yet last October two visious pit bulls killed one small dog was took back to their owners and quarantined for ten days well they got loose three days later and attacked a golden retriever and then was took to the dog pound.So yes any officer pf the law or Humane society that does that should get his weapons taking and be fined,then be deemed a felon just as if he had shot a human

  • SUE ROBERTS says:

    What on earth is going on? something needs to be done,this is dreadfull and must be stopped,no dog will be safe, how can they get away with this?

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