Ernest Dempsey — Early this month when Toni Maria King moved to her new house in Warrenville, South Carolina, with her family, she had never imagined her dear pet dog will become a victim to the breed-hatred of her neighbors. But it happened, turning her life over to a painful state of victimization.

Toni moved in her new house with her husband, two kids, and two pet dogs—including the 5-year-old pit bull named Champ—on the first day of February. Keeping to itself and never bothering the neighbors, the peace of life in the news house proved short-lived as Thursday, February 16 brought the never-imagined hell to reality.

That day, shortly before 4 pm, Champ broke loose from the tie out and went outside. Minutes after that, the neighbors accused Champ of biting their child and one man in the neighborhood also complained of a bite by Champ. In no time, the animal control was called and Champ was taken into custody for being a reportedly dangerous dog.

In shock over what had happened, Toni asked for reports of bite, but none were provided before Monday. And those that were shown to her appeared so openly false reports that she went on to post those on the wall of the Facebook  page created for gathering support for Champ.

“Our Pitt was only loose for maybe 4 minutes when I noticed, when I yelled for him he came right around the corner of the house in 2 seconds so he was in my yard not where they were saying he was,” tells Toni.

In addition, copies of statements by the accusers of Champ have been posted on the facebook page and change of position more than once pointed out to show how the accusers are playing as team to send Champ to death.

Why they would target Champ, Toni has no idea; she just makes a guess that the neighbors think of pit bulls as vicious and Champ happens to be of this doomed breed that has been vitiated and wronged by humans in so many places that thousands of them have been killed over alleged bits and assumptions of being dangerous.

Champ is currently being kept at the Aiken County Animal Services, where he is languishing. Sad and stressed due to suddenly finding himself caged and away from his loving owners, he has stopped eating normally and appears to be losing weight rapidly.

“His spirit is crushed,” tells Toni, who is no less suffering than a mother whose baby is taken away from her by force.

Toni is now seeking legal assistance from The Lexus Project to get Champ back from the web of accusations that are threatening the life of the once free and cared after family dog as well as the peace of Toni and her family. An online petition has also been started to gather support for Champ.


  • Melissa Sandoval says:

    You can not accuse a dog of a dog bite when there are no evident bites without that there is no reason to keep this dog away from its owners. I own a pitbull mix and people judge here at first glance when actually she is my best friend and more loyal than most people. Fight for your dog Toni!!!

  • Anna Mason says:

    I have had enough of these racist pigs trying to accuse and kill pit bulls just because of their breed! They are the sweetest, loveable and most loyal dogs in the world! I too once had the idea that they were vicious animals based on the BS written about them in the newspapers since all of the dogfighting with pit bulls began. Once I rescued a “so called aggressive” pit bull…. who turned out to be only scared! I knew it was all crap! They are who they are because of their owners. They dont want to fight unless people MAKE them fight. They are truly “lovers”. They want love and they want to give love. Why must everyone hate them so much? That is part of what makes them seem so bad! Give them a chance. They deserve it! And stop lying, especially the children, its a BAD thing to make children lie because of your fears! Try teaching the children instead. Hell, try learning yourself first! Thats the problem, no one wants to LEARN anything anymore. Get the facts and stop listening to people who dont know what they are talking about. They have their head up their butt! And if you listen to them, then so do YOU!

  • Connie Brownd says:

    This is all a bunch of BS….where is the proof….dr statements…u need 2 get her out of there & move & then counter sue for false claims as that is illegal!!! This poor puppers….ridiculous….some ppl r just so pathetic,..,pol in my life wonder why I luv animals more than humans….gee, I wonder why????

  • Cindy Cobb says:

    It is not right to ban a breed any breed going only by some bad owners and breeders.

  • Sandra grehan says:

    Please it is too easy to discriminate against these dogs and it’s based on their looks fight for your dog Toni you will get lots and lots of moral support and advice. Best of luck Champ we are all here for you shouting in you’re corner for you xxx

  • Larisa Scharikin says:

    So anyone can accuse your dog of anything! But if the dog is a Pit Bull he or she will end up behind bars.. How disgusting is this??

  • Fran C says:

    This is what BSL does. When politians give it the get to they are feeding fear, hatred and breedism. In Ontario there was a case that went all the way to the Ontario Court of Appeals. The leashed and muzzled (I’ll call her Ginger) was attacked by a large OFF leash dog. GUESS WHO was taken and sat in a cell for 3.5 years while the owner fought for her life? GUESS WHAT happened to the off leash dog that attacked the leashed and muzzled Ginger? WHO when home with its owner with NOT as much as a fine for being leash free? Years later the court said these dogs could not be treated the same as ALL other dogs and “legislature MUST be enforced, no matter how harsh, absurb or contrary to common sense”. Ginger was given a death sentence due to the “specific” measures because of BSL. THIS is fear mongroling (and mostly be media) does.

  • Denise LaChance says:

    It sounds as if the neighbors in Warrenville South Carolina are the ones who are vicious, and cruel to this dog and his family. What an awful place to have to live! Lying to get a neighbor’s dog killed? Vicious mean people. Worse than any mean dog I’ve ever met (nine of whom have been Pit Bulls, and I’ve met a few of those.)

  • Luz Jimenez says:

    Justice for the Dog !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    USA is a nation well know to fight for justice among others thing !!! Then, do not allow that people hurt champ !!! It is a highly treat with un fair and vicious neighbor !!!

  • Carol Gyokery says:

    They need to let this poor dog go home. What the hell was this guy doing in the yard to begin with? and it sounds like he is pitt bull hater so the vision that I see from reading the story is that he purposely went in the back yard and provoked this poor dog into biting him. I think people like this should quit looking at this breed as being vicious and take a closer look at type of people that make these dogs vicious. I bet if they looked back into all the pitt bull attacks, they would find that the majority of the owners of these dogs had or have a history of something criminal and then you have the people that buy these dogs blindly and don’t have them properly trained but that could be with any dog because I have seen and heard of breeds that are suppose to be gentle and friendly get put down because they have attacked something or somebody. It’s all in the way the dog is TRAINED PEOPLE.

  • Lori Mann says:

    Please let him go.This is a disgrace. He has a happy and loving home. The man should not have been in the backyard to begin with, that is trespassing.

  • Denise LaChance says:

    That should be “none” of whom are Pit Bulls. I’ve met mean dogs; none of which happen to be Pit Bulls and I’ve gotten to know a few Pit Bulls well.

  • Lori says:

    I believe it it time to file charges against the “child” and “man” who were “bitten”-trespassing, carrying a concealed weapon, threatening bodily harm, stupidity-oh wait–you cant file charges for stupidity and you cant fix it either!!

    I also want to know if the previous owners had problems with these loony neighbors–full disclosure!!

    Let the dog go, take the kid to juvie for breakign the law, lock up the loony lying and carrying a concealed weapon.

    Dont make me come down there!

    freaking idiots!!!
    btw–i hope she sues everyone from the lying kid and his lying mom, BIG MAN with a gun and no brains to the cops and especially the black animal control officer with a CHIP on his shoulder.
    Sue them all, get restraining orders against every stupid one of the lying neighbors–make them all stay 500-1000 yds from her house and the persons in it–see how they like that!!

  • Lori says:

    so glad i dot live there!! what a bunch of idiots!!
    smh smh smh!!
    wonder if they treated the previous residents the same way and that is why they moved??

  • Nancy Hickey says:

    I have worked in a animal hospital for years, and i have to say that i was attacked by a pitbull and had serious injuries to my hand. I had to have tendons reattached and many MANY sutures. I hold no grudge against the breed, i hold it against the ignorant owners who get these dogs and toss them into the backyard, throw them a bowl of food and water. It’s not the breed it’s the owners that make these animal anti-social!!.. It seems to me from the video i watched regarding champ that he was a very loved and loyal family pet. With no proof that Champ had bit anyone how can animal control hold him. I hope that you continue to fight with legal counsel to get your “family member” back where he belongs, safe and sound in his loving home.
    P.S. I also own a pitbull, and she is the sweetest little girl ever.. part of my family, and she goes to work with me every day.
    good luck!

  • Donna Fowler says:

    From the looks of the pictures, these wounds are not bite marks but look more like superficial scrapes

  • Laura Prowicz says:

    The discrimination is not about the dogs it’s about “those kind of people who own those dogs”. Thats why your neighbors are comfortable victimizing you in this way – because you are not like them, you are less than them and you have fewer rights than they do.

    Stand up for yourself and don’t let them marginalize you. You have rights, too!!

  • Jan White says:

    I am a PROUD Pit Bull parent. I was terrified of them until 2 years ago. My son in law and daughter have a pit that wasn’t allowed where they live. This dog was being moved from one location to another. They asked if we could watch her for 2 days. We thought NO, she’s a Pit Bull. We ended up doing it for our daughter. Jade is the cutest little red nose pittie and she was a little unsure about my husband and I at first. She was more scared of us than we were of her. After she figured out she could fit in the recliner with my husband it was all over. My son in law tried to take her to another home and we told him that Jade has found her furever home. She is wonderful with our other pets and my grandson.
    People are lazy and don’t want to learn anything about pitties. They want to sit back and criticize one of God’s creatures and not give them a chance. Get your heads out of your asses and do something to stop these dogs from being abused. All they want is to be loved and left to live in peace with their families.
    Shame on anyone that lies and makes their children lie because they are afraid of something. That is a SIN and you will have to answer for it.
    They need to cut through all the bullshit and let champ go home.

  • Anggela Aranda says:

    I have seen the pictures and if Champ would have bitten these people there would be much more damage and bruising, which their is none. I was nip by a very hipper pitbull no skin rip, but my arm was purple in that area. This child and man do not have that. This is all a lie and I hope that you will filed charges, against the guy who was on your property with a gun which he had no permit, and the cop who refused to charge him for this.

  • Judy says:

    When are ignorant people going to stop their lies and see the truth about these sweet dogs. I had no idea what beautiful and gentle dogs these were until I became an Advocate on Facebook. Please spread the word and help Champ and all the others that will be “jailed” and accused .

  • says:

    I see that a lot of people are thinking wrongly about pit bulls. False witness is so wrong, and I hope they find out they filed a false police report.

  • jessica says:

    THIS IS BULL!!! i have been keeping up with this story sice day 1. There is no reason for Champ to be locked up in a cage. i have been fighting BSL for a while now and this is just another case that goes to show how ignorent ppl can be when it comes to the breed. not all pit bulls are the same and just like any other dog the protect what is theirs.. i feel that if a dog bite ever happens and its on the dogs property, the county cant do anything about it.. isnt that like when a robber breaks in a home the owner of that home has the right to protect themself and their family, why is a pit bull defending what’s his any different? i have wanted a pit bull since i new what a dog was and my parents always said no they r bad family dogs they will kill u and our other dog.. well i grew up and had my children and then it came time to get a family pet. i went to the local animal shelter and saw this sad, confused, scared beautiifull face staring at me. my husband said ” no no no, we r not getting THAT” i went behind him and asked to take her out so i could see her up close. my husband came over and soon as she saw him ran to him and licked him right in the face, it was love at first kiss. Sidney ( my pit bull) has been a memeber of my family for almost 3 yrs now and is loved like a grandchild to my paretns who once hated the breed.
    its not the breed that is bad its how the dog is raised, mine was abused by her old owner and myslef, my children and my husband have showed he love care and compasion and she give it back to us. if ppl can just look past the name of the breed and what everyone thinks of them and just look in to their eyes, u will see the best family pet and best friends u could ever ask for.. Champ does not need to be in a cage he needs to be with his family who loves and cares for him. BSL needs to come to an end, all breeds need to be treated equal.

  • Jason Mathias says:

    Dont give up Toni!!!!!! I have owned nothing but pitbulls my whole life…… I have been through what ur going through. People can be very stupid and heartless!!!!! Just dont give up. My prayers are with u, your family, and Champ

  • danielle says:

    any lawyer can deal with this
    what crap
    these people are messing with you because you need to stand up to them with a lawyer
    there are no proof of bite marks
    end of story
    get out of there
    NC is a terrible place for animals

  • Sherry Fry says:

    People tend to follow trends and believe what they hear. Years ago the German Shepard was the dog to fear, then it was the Doberman, then the Rottwheiler.

    If you look at pictures from the early 1900’s you will see many, many of them are of young children alongside of the family Pitt Bull! Back then the Breed was called the “Nanny” because they are so protective of their family.

    The Pitt Bull is rated #2 as having the “best temperment” of all dog breeds. Anyone who owns a Pitt Bull or knows one can tell you that they are THE MOST LOVING dogs you will ever find.

    My sister in-law had a Toy Poodle, and that darn dog was the NASTIEST thing you ever wanted to meet! I had a neighbor who had several Cocker Spaniels, one of them had mental issues. She had to hold him while you were in her house cause the nut case would attack you! My brother had a Pitt Bull and that dog was the most loving dog you ever wanted to meet. She thought she was human. She would sit “at the table” during weekend breakfast and expected to be treated with the same respect as humans. She was very loving and protective of my young neice and nephew. It broke everyones hearts when she had to be put to sleep due to illness. To this day their 5 yr old daughter asks if someone could please go to heaven and bring home her best friend Giana because she misses her.

    Don’t try to convince me that this breed of dog needs to be done away with, or that this breed of dog is vicious. ANY BREED OF DOG CAN BE NASTY! Some because their just nuts and others because they are TAUGHT to be that way!

    What needs to be “done away with” is the stupidity of people, and, the way people treat dogs! Ignorance is bliss and there are alot of happy people in this world!

  • RJ says:

    I have known many Pit’s they are one of the sweetest breeds around. This crap where people are blaming a dog for somthing based on its breed is absolute B.S.! If people would pull thier heads out of somewhere it doesnt belong and actually take the time to get to know this breed they would fall in love as well. This is the type of stuff that makes me angry, the stupidity of people who know nothing at all. I really hope Champ gets back to ya’ll soon.

  • Martha Rose says:

    Melissa, Not sure if you are aware of the story of Patrick- a bull/lab mix that was taken from his home in Belfast Ireland for no other reason then looking like a Pit Bull type dog. There were falsified reports that Patrick, like Champ, had bitten 2 people. Patrick has now been kept away from his human family for going on 2 years now. IF Patrick were a human being, Belfast City Counsel would be guilty of racism. However, seeing as he is an animal, it is considered “Speciesism.” Please look that word up?

  • Georgeann says:

    Yes … it is disgusting!

  • TUAN says:

    idiots!! my pit got loose once and there was a man walking around the neighborhood , as soon as he see’s my dog he assume it’s a killer and runs for his life . She runs with him and he slips and scrapes his arm , she sniffs him and walks away. Next thing you i got a 400 $ ticket and now the rest of my neighbors think my dog is aggressive since animal control showed up!!! ridiculous because she is the sweetest dog ever.

  • Martha Rose says:

    nce of a certain amount
    Place “vicious dog” signs on the outside of the residence where the dog lives
    Make the dog wear a “vicious dog” tag or other identifying marker

    Breed-specific legislation applies only to dogs of a certain appearance, not to any and all dogs. It does not take into account how the owner has raised, trained, or managed the dog. It does not take into account the dog’s actual behavior.
    Why Is BSL Wrong?

    BSL does not improve public safety or prevent dog bites.
    BSL ignores the plight of victims and potential victims of non-targeted breeds.
    BSL is costly.
    BSL requires each and every dog to be identified as a breed—something that has proven impossible to do accurately and objectively.
    BSL makes targeted breeds more desirable to irresponsible and criminal owners.
    BSL does nothing to make irresponsible dog owners accountable.
    BSL punishes responsible dog owners.
    Not a single canine welfare organization supports BSL.

  • Martha Rose says:

    Please disregard my last post as this one is correct.

    What is BSL?
    BSL is an ethical failure. BSL is a public safety failure.
    Breed-specific legislation (BSL) bans OR restricts certain types of dogs based on their appearance because they are perceived as “dangerous” breeds or types of dogs.

    **It is a common misconception that BSL refers only to breed bans. BSL is seen in two forms: bans and restrictions.**

    A breed ban usually requires that all dogs of a certain appearance (“targeted breed”) be removed from the municipality wherein the ban has been implemented. After the effective date of the ban, dogs in the municipality that are identified as targeted breeds are usually subject to being killed by animal control, though in some cases, such dogs may be saved if relocation is an option. Breed bans may have grandfather clauses that allow dogs of targeted breeds to stay in the ban area (provided they are registered with the municipality by a certain date, and likely subject to various breed-specific restrictions).

    Breed-specific restrictions may require an owner of a targeted breed do any of the following or more, depending on how the law is written:

    Muzzle the dog in public
    Spay or neuter the dog
    Contain the dog in a kennel with specific requirements (6′ chain link walls, lid, concrete floors, etc.)
    Keep the dog on a leash of specific length or material
    Purchase liability insurance of a certain amount
    Place “vicious dog” signs on the outside of the residence where the dog lives
    Make the dog wear a “vicious dog” tag or other identifying marker

    Breed-specific legislation applies only to dogs of a certain appearance, not to any and all dogs. It does not take into account how the owner has raised, trained, or managed the dog. It does not take into account the dog’s actual behavior.
    Why Is BSL Wrong?

    BSL does not improve public safety or prevent dog bites.
    BSL ignores the plight of victims and potential victims of non-targeted breeds.
    BSL is costly.
    BSL requires each and every dog to be identified as a breed—something that has proven impossible to do accurately and objectively.
    BSL makes targeted breeds more desirable to irresponsible and criminal owners.
    BSL does nothing to make irresponsible dog owners accountable.
    BSL punishes responsible dog owners.
    Not a single canine welfare organization supports BSL.

  • Sarah Arnette says:

    When we moved into our neighborhood with our Pit Bull, Trisha, we were immediately asked if she was the one who attacked a neighbor’s dog. Lucky for us, Trisha is NEVER outside alone and there was no chance that it was her so the threats stopped. Not to mention that I have the pit bull personality of being a softy when everything is good, but being stubborn and protective when my family is threatened. Pits are always blamed first, no matter what the circumstances might be.

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