Ernest Dempsey — Hardly anybody is more compliant than some media sources when it comes to protecting names of important people, like ministers, in cases that otherwise would bring skyscrapers to the ground by their heinous nature. The story of Mijo’s brutal killing in Oriole St Alamo, Texas, which has been presented, or twisted, by a popular news channel in a ministerially correct manner is one such recent case. Mijo was struck repeatedly with a machete when he rambled on to enter a neighbor’s property, or so it has been claimed.

Reporting on the incident, Action 4 News tells that on May 10th, an ex-military employee Luis Ortiz found his dear pet dog Mijo lying in a pool of blood “just inches from his home”. The channel reports that Luis traced the trail of the blood to the “end of the street” and called the county’s sheriff’s office immediately to file a report of the dog’s killing. Obtaining the report’s copy from the police, Action 4 News report states that it wasn’t the first time Mijo ventured into that “neighbor-in-question’s yard”. But this time, as the channel refers to the report, Mijo got aggressive, as claimed by the neighbor, and made him fear for his life. So he hit him with a machete to drive him away from his property and family. Further, since the dog was on the neighbor’s property, the sheriff’s office says no charges will be filed.

Readers may already have noticed how the news protected the name of the dog’s killer, all the while referring to him as “neighbor”. For those who already don’t know, this “neighbor” accused of killing the dog brutally by repeated strokes of a machete, he is in fact Texan minister Jose Salazar who lives near Luis Ortiz. Usually, media reports in detail on people and places involved, unless deliberately holding back names to protect the privacy of people for safety concerns. In this case, the minister’s name already was on blogs and social media as the person who killed the dog. But maybe, Jose Salazar’s name was not to be revealed in so-called “professional” media sources because the time spent in spelling it was needed for including more distortions in the report.

As told on the facebook page and confirmed to the journal of Humanitarian Affairs by the victimized dog’s owner, the blood trail began across the minister’s street. Obviously then, the dog was killed not “on the property” of the “neighbor” but outside on the street. Mijo could not be a threat to the minister on the street and if the police report tells that Mijo was on Jose Salazar’s property, the blood trail should have been traced to there.

The self-contradicting story told in the report and on Action 4 News point well to the owner’s account available to the Journal of Humanitarian Affairs wherein he expressed disappointment at the concerned sheriff’s office playing delaying tactics to let the case die down. By the owner’s account, the first officer that came when he (Luis Ortiz) called the police to report that Mijo was killed didn’t even want to look at the dog’s body, how many wounds he had, or anything.

“He is supposed to do this to make sure that the story lines up with the guy who killed him,” said Luis Ortiz. “Every time I call, it’s like they don’t even care. I believe that they want to sweep this under the rug.”

What was reported on Action 4 News seems to confirm that Luis’s suspicion is not unfounded. The police will not frame charges because of a concocted report heavily inclined on the minister’s side. And media won’t give the minister’s name; in fact, as told by Luis Ortiz, KNVO 48 and other news sources also came over to interview him but none has so far presented his complete story in his own words or named the minister as the accused.

Both police and media in the case of Mijo’s killing are playing partners in crime, covering up the horror that was inflicted on an innocent dog and his family. Only the animal rights advocates are asking for justice and a petition has been launched in this regard asking the Alamo Sheriff Department to take action against Jose Salazar; for if this person can do such a brutal thing to an innocent dog, “what could this man do to another person, or child?”


  • Casey says:

    Don’t you think a person (no matter what their “title” is, be it minister or not) senselessly killing a dog is displaying a sociopathic trait? He should be held accountable for the crime he committed.

  • Melinda says:

    I totally agree!!

  • Harriett says:

    Texas has laws regarding someone, other than the owner, harming a pet. It is a crime and the sheriff is obliged to make the appropriate arrest. Since the blood trail began across the street from the “neighbor’s” house, it is obvious, the neighbor attacked the dog with no provocation. It is my understanding that this has happened before to another neighbor’s dog. This man is a danger to the neighborhood and needs to be jailed. Sheriff, do your duty. The world is watching.

  • TJ says:

    Sounds like this law enforcement agency is taking notes from Hutto PD. My neighbor shot and killed my dog that was trying to get back into my yard, 1 shot center mass. Even though he had to leave the safety of his home and walk 2 houses down they said he feared for his life and was justified! I hope Mijo and his human dad get justice and something is done! RIP Mijo!

  • Sophia says:

    My brother is a police sargeant for over 28 years now and I know personally alot of police officers, etc… This is a cover up from the start to finish… Shame on you all at the Alamo Sheriffs Dept… This dog did not harm to anyone… You need to do the right thing and investigate this properly… You can not have a crazy man with a machete killing living creatures because he wants too… What if a child makes him mad… Will he fear for his life then too as he has said? Does that justify what he did? NO IT DOES NOT…

    Let us also remember that Mijo’s owner or Daddy was and is a Military Veteran who has served our country for all of us… Doesn’t this man who served our country deserve respect and honor also…? He deserves to have justice for his baby boy that was visciously murdered…

    Do the right thing here and investigate this properly… NO MAN OF GOD should be carrying a machete around and killing anything… That is just not right…


  • Sophia says:

    oooooopppps… YOU ARE ***NOW*** YOUR DADDY’S ANGEL…



  • nicole villarreal says:

    its sad that the police is acting that way and if the guy is a minister what is he doing killing a pour innecent dog that did no harm rip mijo

  • Jodie says:

    This is absolutely disgusting. Not only should this Minister be held legally accountable for his crime but he should no longer be able to be a Minister – a man like this should not be providing guidance or teachings to anyone. He is clearly not a true man of god – his actions were downright evil.

    Even if his actions could be considered as acting in self- (which I don’t actually believe), this defence only applies (or should only apply) to enable the use of reasonable force – that vicious a reaction was clearly not reasonable.

    Rest in peace little one.

  • Sharon says:

    This is so sick. Glad I do not live anywhere this police force is protecting folks, they would just let folks kill my dog with a meat cleaver and think nothing of it.. So sorry for the folks this police department watch over.

  • Susan says:

    I spent years in that part of Texas doing animal rescue and it is one of the darkest places in the country for any animal. Many people treat a dog or cat as their property and give them no respect. It is a very disheartening place for animal rescue and animal rights and I wish you much luck and success in your battle.

  • Matt Mallett says:

    Someone needs to go beat the crap out of this man immediately. I am disappointed as I always imagined that in Texas such things would be handled swiftly. Has no one down there a single set of cajones??? If the police will not administer justice, someone needs to!!! Justice for Mijo!!!

  • Novette Gish says:

    If you investigate the 2010 incident, you’ll find that Jose Salazar probably lived in that neighborhood. How many more of these incidences have happened in their city?

    Where else has Jose Salazar lived? How many dogs were hacked in those places? There is a much bigger story here. Thank you for getting involved.

  • boobear says:

    The facts of this case have been shoved under the rug by the law enforcement in this town and NOW THE WORLD IS WATCHING. We know the supposed “Minister” of his Mormon church is called an “Elder” but he is not free from guilt and should not be protected by the cops. He stalked this dog in a public place and cruelly “chopped him up with a large machete. Apparently this is NOT THE FIRST DOG TO DIE THIS WAY in this town. to me this sounds like a potential serial killer on the loose and I think this so-called “minister’s’ yard should be checked for GRAVES. He sounds like a serial killer and is definitely a mad man. This story is too sad and has been told in more places than this so if the Police Dept in this town think they can just ignore this issue, they should think again. That man is a danger to everyone around him, he wielded a knife that is against the laws of that town to even own, much less use. Animal cruelty at it’s worst is what is shown in these pictures, horrible horrible thing to do to an innocent dog. How much of a monster do you have to be to chop up a live animal like this? Does he have an abused family also? Does he have a prior record of this type of thing? there are definitely prior incidents and possibly even prior missing children or pets that need to be investigated. This man is a danger to the whole community it certainly seems like. The poor dog’s death at his hands is a crime that was IGNORED by the police and the poor dog’s owner is a VETERAN. He deserves the respect of at least a full and complete investigation rather than the ignorant and disrespectful response he received.


  • Mariya says:

    This is such a cover up. If the dog had been a child, this case would be completely different, possibly a national tirade to get this man’s title taken away and put in prison.

    Just goes to show how justice works in our world. A murdered dog is nothing(studies show animal abuse can lead to other abuse), but a murdered child is a big deal.

  • Crystal says:

    Took the words out of my mouth! I agree with you 100%!

  • boobear says:



  • Bradley says:

    IF he was truly under attack by “aggressive” dog, how did he have time to go in and grab a machete? IF he wasn’t under attack, then why did he have the machete readily available? Who keeps a machete at the ready for personal protection? The evidence points in one direction and yet there are no charges being filed against this violent person?! Epic fail by the Dept. for not getting this animal hacker machete man while you can!! This sicko has done this before and gets off on it AND even with evidence he gets away with it! SHAMELESS!!

  • critter says:

    Hidalgo Couty Sheriff’ Association has block me for criticizes there officers on there facebook page aplenty they can’t take the heat. I love it typical hiding information this is the president no wonder why its so mess up over there.

  • critter says:

    *update they took page down not block

  • boobear says:

    Yes, the Police Department of St. Oriole Alamo, Texas made a reply on the Facebook page and then did not allow responses to be posted. They have more to cover up? They do not want responses to the truth?


  • joann silva says:

    What a horrific thing down there in St Alamo, Texas. I’m wondering where the HUMANE SOCIETY of U.S. is in all of this. I know for a fact that they would investigate this matter and bring charges against this man if necessary. I don’t personally doubt the details stated and if validated this man needs to be held responsible and punished for a crime so henious to a four legged creature. Please, would someone encourage Luis Ortiz to contact the HS and see if he can’t get some justice for Mijo.

    Play on the Rainbow Bridge, sweet Mijo. RIP.

  • Josephine says:

    Thru the hard work of the owner, this horrific deed is getting exposed..regardless if the dog was posing a threat to the “neighbor”..the use of a machete is totally insane..who does that? This was so, so violent..and to me..if one can perform such a violent act towards a heart beating creature..something is not right..this man screams violence…

  • Cat Robinson says:

    I have already commented on Mijo’s FB page, and I’ll repeat what I said there. The devil is back, disguised as a man of God. This is truly a disgrace, many times over. Salazar is the kind of man (I use this term loosely, as no “man” would do this) that forever leaves a stain on humanity. What kind of teachings is this man spreading? Killing innocents? Having no respect for life or God’s creatures? This man is likely a sociopath, and anyone who has studied sociopathic behavior to any degree knows they “get their feet wet,” by harming animals in cruel and barbaric ways? Does this sound like what Salazar did? Why, yes. Yes, it does! People, keep your animals, children, and even Grandma, away from this despicable creature. If Grandma looks at him the wrong way, he may hack her to pieces. St. Alamo, Texas, we are watching you!! You’re on the radar now! We will NOT let you sweep this under the rug. What else is under there? One can only imagine.

  • brenda says:

    I AGREE.

  • Cheryl Overbey says:

    What happened to this sweet dog is wrong on so many levels.Law enforcement needs to do their job. I hope the people of this community remember this when it is time to re-elect the sheriff. The man (coward)who murdered this dog needs to be held accountable for his actions.

  • Kellie says:

    You couldn’t have said this any better! I’ve been following this story since I first heard about it and am outraged at the lack of respect and time that this “investigation” has been given, especially to a veteran of all people. I can only hope that the people speaking up for Mr. Ortiz and Mijo are able to put enough pressure on that lackluster PD to actually do the right thing!

  • nancy szeliga says:

    If the minister was that afraid of the poor dog, he should of called the police dept. instead of slaughtering the dog. I would hope they would have been able to handle it in a more human way.

  • Heather Smiuli says:

    I was going to move my Family to Texas. After the killing of Cisco by a Police officer…and now Mijo; I am staying as far away from TEXAS as possible. The house that we bought has been put back on the market and there is no way in hell that I would EVER move to this horrible state after all that has happened. It would be different if the Police did something about this. How can this be justified? How can the Police allow a man to go around killing dogs with a machete? How do they expect people to feel safe. Shame on you, Police. Once again you have shown the world that the Police in Texas don’t care about animals, or their owners. To the people who live in Texas and actually care….God Help you, because it’s obvious to me that the Police won’t.

  • Brenda Paradise says:

    I believe people are calling in to the police department for the wrong thing… This “minister” will never be found guilty if he simply claims self defense. PLEASE ASK THE POLICE TO INVESTIGATE WHY he hasn’t been charged with wielding a machete in public!!! I blade this length is illegal in Texas.

  • Wendy says:

    I honestly don’t even care if Jose Salazar’s story was 100% true, hitting the dog with a machete is over the top…Doing it 4 times is the action of a psychopath, in my opinion.
    A very large, well placed organized walk or protest would shine the spotlight right where it needs to be.

  • Ann says:

    It makes NO difference whether the guy is a minister, a neurosurgeon or a janitor. HE MURDERED AN INNOCENT DOG and he needs to be held accountable for his heinous actions. The police department needs to do its job and stop covering up for this so-called ‘minister.’

  • Terry Jackson says:

    where is the petition to get that rat bastard out of being a minister, he is a MURDERER plain and simple and if he was my neighbor he had better watch his back for as long as he lived by me, my dogs are my family.. So sorry for your loss on MIJO

  • Karen Smith says:

    Well said. This was a violent , brutal mutilation of an animal who was trying to flee. The world is watching, and the polic not dealing with this properly is only going to spark more anger to those who disgree with the handling of this. You need to do your jobs, Not only for the justice for MIjo but the more you ignore the problem the more likely you are risking citizens to take matters into ther own hands. If I were the minister I would be concerned for repercussions. If I lived in texas you bet Id be picketing the police department and in front of his home!! He would be wise to come forward accept what he did as wrong.

  • Jean Palmer says:

    Was so shocked and upset to hear about this. This poor dog did NOT deserve this. How anyone, no matter who they are, could do such a wicked and horific thing to a poor animal is beyond me!Justice should be done without question! It is murder whether it is a person or animal. Thinking of Mijo’s owner at this very sad and difficult time. God bless Mijo and may you RIP poor baby xxx :(

  • Sheila says:

    Where the petition to be signed this so called MINISTER, LOL needs to be put away. Hope none of the neighbors has a child he does not like or is ‘AFRAID OF’ if he has his own children the neighbors had better hope their children dont get in into it with them or they will end up the same way. The police dept and the news paper should be very ashame of themselves for trying to hide this story.

  • Kathry says:

    You can go on to the Facebook page and find the petition or just google “justice for mijo” to find it that way. Since I first heard the story of Mijo, it broke my heart and it makes me sick to think someone can just murder someone’s beloved pet and get away with it.

    R.I.P Mijo

  • donna says:

    well put, from time to time people have a dog leave their property. usually by mistake, either getting out or seeing an animal and running. This is not a reason to kill an innocent animal. If there were reports of the dog being threatening they definitely would have been released. I have nothing against any church, but a man hiding behind a church now there is a problem. Maybe the church it self should look into this mans conduct and act accordingly. Thou shalt not kill!!
    Feel really bad for the dogs owner, what a heart break.

  • Jan Lalumiere says:

    And this guy is a minister or was a mininster. Shame on him, to me he is a useless piece of SHIT !!!!

  • Jacque says:

    I do not know this so-called ‘minister’, nor am I a member of his church, but if I was I would want the church to distance itself as much as possible from this horrible person. If they allow him to continue as their minister then they are supporting his actions and risk bringing a lot of contraversy and censure on their church. Every time a Catholic Priest looks at someone cross-eyed it’s on the news, so why is this guy being protected. They should take him out in the street and stone him! Ok, now I know I’m sounding like on of those religious nuts, I’m just really mad about what this evil man has done.

  • Kelly Howell says:

    You all are welcome to follow this tragedy and see if justice can be served:!/JusticeForMijo

  • Pauline Moon says:

    First of all this is atrocious, this is suppose to be a man of GOD and he feels that he can kill one of GOD’s creatures in cold blood, second this man is a Mormon, and from what I understand they can have more than 1 wife and they usually choose VERY young girls. Third what is he doing brandishing an illegal weapon? This is an inhumane way to kill a creature of GOD. I feel that this community needs to go to his church and raise awareness in front of his congregation and see how they feel about their man of GOD killing innocent creatures.( especially since this may not be his first time ) Does anyone know what church he presides over? also if this man has done this before then yes he is probably on his way to being a serial killer (if he isn’t already) He NEEDS to be investigated and seriously, his congregation NEEDS to be aware of his deeds because a man of GOD is suppose to have compassion, understanding, empathy, sympathy, and a goodness that shines from them. This man seems to have none of these qualities and also LIES. The police also need to be bomb-barted with inquires as to why he is not being charged with such a horrific crime. I wonder how his GOD feels about his actions and he is probably looking down on this man with a scowl on his face. I am a Native American Indian and we have respect for all of the Creators creatures and we have stories on how and why dogs came to be with man and be loyal to man and then become man’s best friend. Also GOD spelled backwards is DOG.

  • Betsy Holmes says:


  • Bradley says:

    Here’s the link to sign the petition:

  • Donald Dingerson says:

    I genually feel for the dog but I gotta say…especially if you know you have an ass like that living in your vacinity The owner of that poor pup needs to be strung up also for lettin that pup roam… reply’s are encouraged

  • Donald Dingerson says:

    And please email me at…reply’s are encouraged

  • maria dale says:

    all i’d like to say it doesn’t matter who or what you are the crime is alway’s the same you do the crime you do the time this man who ever he is should be made an example of to show other’s that harming and killing animal’s is wrong and won’t be tollerated xxxx

  • kris says:

    I don’t just think it is sociopathic, I KNOW it is. Cruelty to animals is absolutely one of the indicators of a violent criminal.

  • Jody Meadows says:

    Don’t worry about a typo. You truly feel for this dog. It is horrible. I feel an eye for an eye, etc. Even if is an animal, it is a part of a human’s life. Some minister, he will rot in hell, but I’d like him to try and escape a human with a knife.

  • LuAnn says:

    i argree with you 100% and i would be dammed if i would set back and not fight for the wrong that had been done to my pet the police down there are dum if they let this idiot get away with what he has done i wounder how they would feel if the shoe was on the other foot and it had been there pet that this was done to you can bet ya pippy he would be held acountable for his action , doctor lawyer minister presdent i dont care they do the crime they should do the time behind bars or strung up by the u-know whats and made to suffer thats how i feel about it …..

  • Pauline Moon says:

    apparently though the dog got off his leash, so he was tied at one point

  • Bradley says:

    @ Donald Dingerson: Don’t think the owner of Mijo or anyone else around had a clue that the minister was a sicko machete man.

  • Lisa says:

    He didnt let the dog run free, the dog got loose to chase a female dog.

  • Ronnie Arredondo says:

    This is in support of getting justice for mijo so donald dingerson if u are blaming his owner feel free to get off this page at anytime, thank you!
    RIP Mijo

  • Theresa Dufore says:

    Wish I could contact Mr. Ortiz. He should call the Animal Legal Defense Fund and see if they will take his case. They prosecute on behalf of our poor furbabies who can’t speak for themselves. I’m sure they could help at least get this out into the public eye. (707) 795-2533. Website is .

  • Bradley says:

    Well said Ronnie Arredondo!!

  • Josie says:

    Where can I sign on a petition to get this “minister” arrested? I am so mad right now, I can’t even think straight!

  • it woulnt surprise me if he was a serial killer hideing behind the mijo hopefuly justice will be done

  • Tracey Williamson says:

    It is a sad day when we have to hire lawyers to get law enforcement to do their job. First we have officers all over the country murdering our pets for no reason, then we have law enforcement not enforcing the law when someone else violently murders a dog. Losing respect…… This needs swift and powerful justice this man is a danger to everyone. If it had been a police dog we would see a different story…. only their dogs count.

  • Tina Pugh says:

    I agree the police need to do their job. That man is NOT a man of God and people better be careful around him.

  • Gene says:

    Have to agree with Tracey. It seems that when police invade a home they routinely shoot the dogs. In one case, I think, in Columbia MO the dogs were in cages when they were shot and killed. But injuring or resisting a police dog is the same as doing the same to a police officer. There is a nasty double standard here, and it may be that the Alamo police simply do not care what happens to a “mundane’s” dog. I believe I read that the “minister” is a Jehovah’s Witness, not a Mormon. In the era where I grew up in rural Iowa, dogs that killed or ran livestock could be killed on the spot, but no one would kill a neighbor’s dog just for the thrill of it. There’s no thrill in it at all anyway. At least to me. And if an animal needed to be put down for some reason, it was done a humanely as possible. No one would hack a dog to pieces with a big knife.

    Exposing him to the community and the world as torturer and killer of animals for his own enjoyment will probably do more good as far as causing him grief and pain for his actions than a police or justice dept ever will. But I agree that an investigation into similar incidents that he might have been involved in would help as it would show this is not an isolated incident.

  • mary says:

    Is anybody worried that in the role of a “minister” (assuming man of God), he would do the same to a child or group of children in one of his “Sunday school” sermons? Clearly he has no respect for life of any kind.

  • Joe W. says:

    I picked up on this story in Shorewood, Illinois. I’ve read all the information posted on the petition site and the owner’s personal version of the story. If this man is truly some sort of Minister, he needs to be removed from his position. Does his congregation know of this?? Here is a man talking out both sides of his face. Preaching the teaching’s of God or Spiritual leader or higher power or whatever his faith may be and butchering animals at the same time?? I called the number of the Sheriff’s office I was given and only was able to leave a message. Is this true that the law enforcement agency down there is not paying much attention to this or covering it up (as some of these posts here claim?). Even if you take away the Minister part of his life out of the picture, you’re still left with a man with a bad temper and thoughtless use of weapons.

    If any locals are reading this and know this man or follow his teaching’s at Church or Worship, how could you live with yourselves knowing what kind of person this guy is?? Are any local’s calling this man out about this?? It seems there has been more than one incident like this as well. I’m not a religious scholar or anything but I do know that most, if not all religions preach about respecting all forms of life. Again, how could a so called man of his faith do something as cruel and thoughtless as this?? AND… How can the local law enforcement turn and look the other way, as it has been said??


  • Bobbie says:

    If you have someone like this in your neighborhood you are JUST as responsible for the death of YOUR dog.WHY was this dog NOT contained in a safe his OWN yard..near his OWN people instead of wandering down the street..again…and into the hands of a psycopath?

  • Bobbie says:

    So he didn’t take the time to neuter HIS dog?I’m not unsympathetic to the death of this dog but I am FURIOUS that he had SUCH an irresponsible owner.Someone who didn’t BOTHER to take time to protect and secure his dog from a lunatic in the neighborhood.

  • Bradley says:

    The dog was contained and found a way out!! Regardless, there is no excuse to chase down a loose dog on the street with a machete and hack it to death. The dog was not a threat to anyone.

  • Deb N says:

    Does anyone have the email addresses for the chief of police, mayor, city council, etc? I’d like to write to all of them and let them know the eyes of the world are upon them and they need to do what’s right, not just be “good ole boys”. Justice for Mijo!!

  • tracey says:

    you said it!!!!!!

  • tracey says:

    CALL AND DEMAND JUSTICE AT THE ALAMO SHERIFF DEPARTMENT… Ph 956-383-8114….WTH!!!SHAME ON THE POLICE AND THE MEDIA FOR PROTECTING SOCIOPATHS…YOUR JUST AS GUILTY..SO THEY THINK IT WILL JUST GO AWAY????.Ernest Dempsey — Hardly anybody is more compliant than some media sources when it comes to protecting names of important people, like ministers, in cases that otherwise would bring skyscrapers to the ground by their heinous nature. The story of Mijo’s brutal killing in Oriole St Alamo, Texas, which has been presented, or twisted, by a popular news channel in a ministerially correct manner is one such recent case. Mijo was struck repeatedly with a machete when he rambled on to enter a neighbor’s property, or so it has been claimed.

  • Pauline, this man doesnt have a congregation. Oh and BTW, non religious people like you are responsible for 1000x more animal and child abuse than any Mormon.

  • Judy Austin says:


  • Edna Power says:

    Are you trying to tell me this is a man of God – he is the devel – put this so-called behind bars forever or better still take a machette to him , but not enough to kill him just to lame and make him suffer – this was from what I could see, a wonderful dog and a family pet. R.I.P. Mijo

    Please do not let this go – fight to the end for justice for Mijo, poor puppy, my condolences to the family.

  • sandra novak says:

    yet another reason why people do not respect police, hate the bastards, they get no respect from me, ive seen way to much in my life time. i protect me and mine, eye for an eye.and no im not promoting violance or killing, but if you can not trust the ones who proclaim to outh to protect and serve, then trust yourself. so much is coverd up in the name of the law its disgusting.i can tell you some true horror stories.even tho u cant trust some docs either, this man needs a full mentail eval, his church elders and above need to be brought in and he needs to be deeply investigated. no man of God would do this, a man of God has no business having a machetti. who knows, he may have beaten his wife and saw a way to redirect the blame. just sayen. this bothers me so deeply, hurt my family im commen for u, i know it sounds cold and calis, but i trust me and karma and God.

  • Bradley says:

    This is the latest update from the dog’s owner. Please go to this facebook page to support the owner in hopes of fighting for his dog Mijo. He doesn’t need to give up. There is NO excuse for this animal cruelty! The man went inside his home to get a machete and then ran across the street to chase down Mijo and hack him to death!!!! That isn’t self defense and has nothing to do with mexican drug cartel. Mijo wasn’t a drug lord he was a friendly yellow lab!!! What is our country coming to?

    Justice for Mijo
    I appreciate everything you guys have done so far. Unfortunately the “Self Defense” statement taken from Mr. Salazar is one that cant be fought at this time. Due to the high level of criminal acts in my area such as Cartels, drug smuggling, human smuggling, all kinds of stuff, this is what they will be going with and the case is pretty much closed. I have fought for Mijo and have kept urging them to help, in the end, the case was closed with them siding with Mr. Salazar. I have no words to say about the decision except to keep my head up and know that I did what was right for Mijo. I really miss him right now but I also respect the law as well. Thank you to everyone but right now there are other pets that were killed that need your help. Big Boy, Nuggets, etc.. they all need your support now more than ever. I will keep this page alive should something pop up on my end but also to raise awareness of other cruelty to other animals. I thank you all.

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